Feb. 3rd, 2017

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One of my first acts upon becoming a dictator will be to make it compulsory that all online property listings must come with a floorplan.

Yesterday was a good shoe day. After collecting my Mongolian visa (hurrah) I found that it was very close to lots of outdoor type shops, so went to look at snowboots. After resigning myself to paying £100+ for something that would actually keep me warm I finally found Columbia, where they were having a small sale, and I found a pair of nice mid-boots that are perfect. Still £60, but they come off pretty well in online reviews, look not too much like work boots so I could conceivably wear them in a professional manner should that ever be necessary, and are certified (whatever that really means) to -32 degree celsius. These are they, but in a grey colour.

On the other end of the spectrum, I bought another pair of Ipanemas in TK Maxx, which will be of no use whatsoever in Mongolia, but I plan to be in Mozambique for a few months from May. And oh my goodness I've just found that the Ipanema UK website is having a sale and there are SO MANY beautiful flip flops I could have. These are the ones I bought (blue and gold if the link doesn't go to the right colour), but look: ombre, minimalist, and WINGS! And they have an ethics tab on their site which makes me feel good about my capitalist ways.


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