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Recently (ish) I learnt that dutch cap and diaphragms are different things, not just a slang term for the proper name. Last year, through [ profile] irrrtum, I learnt that foetuses don't live inside the placenta.

This musing brought to you by [ profile] nwhyte linking to the European contraception map, and noticing that they don't have information for caps or diaphragms, despite listing all the different kinds of pills, and indeed "lactational amenorrhea method", which has a super graphic: (Also fond of the two cycle-montitoring ones which are just a pair of pants.) They list "modern methods", so perhaps it's just that they're considered hopelessly retro nowadays. I have emailed the address on the site to ask, though it's just a general secretariat one so I can't imagine it will be a swift response, if at all.

I was surprised that Iceland was so low, and in fact that the UK, with free access to contraception for everyone, wasn't at the top, though I suppose I'm not very aware of how good/easily accessibly information about contraception is beyond the NHS.

Ah, apparently it's because we have an integrated website, not a standalone website - and although I've read (skimmed) their methodology document, I don't really understand why that's necessarily better. I think the fact you can easily find information about contraception on the general NHS pages is a good thing, rather than segregating it. Oh, and also that you can't get the pill without a prescription, which I would like to think more about because on the one hand its side effects might mean a doctor's knowledge is helpful, but on the other hand that is saying that women (and some others) need permission from a doctor (and the PATRIARCHY, am I right?) to manage their own bodies, and given that minoritised/vulnerable groups of people are more likely to be gatekept from medical needs, perhaps it would be better not to have that. ANYWAY.
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