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Today I had a turkey be good to yourself ready meal thing from Sainsburys for lunch. I bought it in a fit of virtue (about healthier eating, natch, not spending), but have been rewarded with VILE SWEETCORN. I swear, when I saw it ont he shelf it didn't have any! It was just cabbage, mash, and then turkey in a brownish sauce with cheese on top. When I took it out of the microwave the cheese had MELTED and the sauce had SPREAD, revealing the dark (well, bright yellow) secret within. I tried to eat around it but you can't, you can't eat around sweetcorn, it gets everywhere and ruins every mouthful. Sadness.

I have been looking at research trials and focus groups that you get paid to take part in. I was startled to see one looking for heavy drinkers to be INJECTED WITH KETAMINE. Sadly I was not eligible to even sign up for that one - else I probably would have done just to see what it's like. I did sign up for one that was about looking at nudes on a computer in a lab, but they screened me out (just after asking me how many male partners and how many female partners I'd had, so I feel judged AGAIN for being insufficiently bisexual). So I had to look at nudes by mself without the legitimisation of research. I then found one that was about depression, and wanted to give people an MRI if they would refrain from strenuous exercise for 72 hours beforehand. I have spent my LIFE refraining from strenuous exercise! Surely this was for me! Alas, they couldn't take me because I have a copper coil and therefore they wouldn't put me in the machine. (I am a bit sceptical about this, surely they MRI people with coils all the time, but I suppose this one doesn't have any therapeutic value so I can see they might be more stringent.) PAH.
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