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Is licquorice much more popular than I imagine, or is this some kind of DISS?


The original post's tagged "I like them all", but licquorice??? Really? I am baffled by that being (apparently) used to represent a flavour it would be hard to choose between. Cookies and Cream and Choc Mint I think are both flavours that I would recognise as generally being considered lovely, but licquorice is HORRIBLE. (Am I wrong? Is liquorice an acknowledged flavour of loveliness?) I think I'd use something like Chocolate Fudge Brownie as the third, if I were going around making ice-cream based comparisons to DeLuises. Special enough to convey that it's great, generic enough that it's a clear people-pleaser even if its not your personal preference... undivisive. Surely the DeLuises aren't divisive?

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Apr. 9th, 2012 09:41 pm
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It has been an excellent weekend for food. On Friday I went to my friend's house where he made us venison and black pudding. SO NICE. My contribution was sugar snap peas, broccoli and new potatoes from the pre-prepared selection at Waitrose. I actually hadn't had any fresh vegetables for a while, it was lovely.

On Saturday I made THE BEST THING EVER. Gammon and pear casserole. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I was very smug about it anyway, because I bought the meat from the farmers' market and the vegetables from the city farm (which was grea: small but lovely, and with VERY BIG PIGS - I am considering sponsoring one in my sister's name). I also got to use my lovely blue and turquoise cast iron casserole pot for the first time. It tastes so very good. I cannot recommend it highly enough and I'm really looking forward to having the leftovers for lunches.

Sunday was roast chicken. This did not come from the market, but was a free-range chicken from the Co-op as I am trying to buy more ethically-produced meat. Turns out this is EXPENSIVE. And doesn't taste any different, which isn't at all the point, but still. The Co-op had pre-prepared roasting potatoes in the reduced section so I had those, and they were brilliant. I have been eating them cold from the fridge today and moaning outloud with their tastiness. I made stock from the bones, with a huge amount of vegetable off-cuts that I'd been saving in the freezer. I had been thinking that I could find out if anyone else in the flats composts and would like my leavings, but this way I don't have to talk to anyone else. (I ran into the woman who lives in the flat below me yesterday. We said awkward helloes and then I followed her to the bins.)

Today I made sweet potato wraps, which had better freeze as well as The Kitchin claims, because I now have ten wraps which will be defrosted for work lunches. They were quite nice for supper just now, but because I'd prepared the ingredients at various stages they were an odd mix of lukewarm and cold. I suspect they might be nicer entirely at one temperature, specifically a hot temperature, with melted cheese. I also ended up making the tortillas for it from scratch, less for a desire to show off than a desire not to leave the house at all.

Now I have to do the washing up from it all. I saw an article about very small dishwashers and now I yearn for one.

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The rest of the weekend has been watching TV, mostly "starring" Micheal DeLuise, but that's another post.
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Anyone in Edinburgh or environs want some bookends?

If so, preferably for me to handover before Sunday, but actually I could probably hang on to them for a bit as long as I knew I wasn't just moving them in order to later donate to charity. They're all wood except for the front ones which are a heavy material that I've just realised I don't know the name of. Not china, but breakable, and dense. A bit concretey, only lighter.

Anyway.Here are my rope bruises. They're actually much bigger and darker than that now. I am proud, but would really appreciate it if we went back to silks for this week.

I have bought a ladder. I shall use it to SCALE THINGS.
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My letter today from the NHS people told me that my recent smear test showed changes in the cells. I have a high level of confidence in the NHS people, so I'm very happy to believe that there's nothing to worry about. The associated leaflet seems to be telling me that they think I have HPV, which I'm more perturbed by. Mostly I feel a small sense of satisfaction that all the prodding around in smear tests have not been for nothing. Though miffed that I have to have more poking in six months.
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For the past few days I have been having really painful occasional anal spasms. This is probably easily explained by a combination of diet and citalopram, but the Muller Light adverts from a while back have had more effect on me than I thought, because all I can think is that, somewhere, someone is blithely having inadequately lubricated anal sex, and I am paying the price.
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The coil is not the agony I had feared it might be - I have one day where it is quite painful, but even if I don't have any painkillers to hand it is not actually incapacitating. However, it has changed my periods, so I have a few days of small amounts of blood in discharge (enough to need a liner), and then about four days of actual bleeding, including two nights where I overflow my larger capacity cup and need back-up, and then about three/four days of bleeding gradually tailing off. I've only just started using an online tracker to work out when things happen, but this currently only leaves me with about a week in the middle where I don't bleed at all. I am mildly grumpy about this. According to monthlyinfo I'll be rageous about it in about two days.
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[Poll #1463738]

I'm not teaching this year, and now the freshers are here I'm rather sorry. I was sitting outside the new "Learning Zone" next to a girl who was leaving a phone message for her friend: "Uh, sorry about last night, I'm fine, really I am - I met some of my flatmates, and I'm going out tonight, and it was just a bit much, but I'm fine, it's okay. Um, I hope your lectures are going okay, um, it's fine, bye", which made me feel rather tragic. I hope it is okay for her, I'm sure it will be.
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My leg has been twitching for a week or so now, which is annoying in any case, but now it's starting to affect my sleep, and I am getting CROSS. The internet found me a list of possible causes (it also found me certain proof that I'm going to die from metal poisoning, but the list seemed more sensible), and the only ones that it might be are muscle strain (though I'm surely not active enough to have incurred a proper physical injury), and emotional stress or anxiety, which seems much more likely but is also something I can't really do anything about.

There isn't really any helpful information on how to STOP THE DAMN TWITCHING, but I wonder if it's just that no-one's tried stabbing the offending limb into submission? At the very least it would give me another sensation on which to focus.
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Ooooooh. Ow.

Coil insertion - needles and blood. )

I bought a chocolate brownie dessert thing from M&S and I am going to finish reading Time and Tide Wait for No Man - Dale Spender's book about the early years of Time and Tide magazine. My main knowledge of Time and Tide comes from the Provincial Lady, I am looking forward to changing this.
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A Good School - Richard Yates
Sit-down Comedy: Stand-ups Swap the Stage for the Page - Malcolm Hardee and John Fleming
Rearview Mirror - Caroline B Cooney
Sand Trap - Caroline B Cooney
Size Fourteen is Not Fat Either - Meg Cabot

February books, spoilers for most of them. Anger for one. )
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When you go for a smear test (or similar), are there stirrups?

I've usually heard Americans talking about stirrups for such incidents, while I'm under the impression that I've only heard British women refer to them for ante-natal use. When I go, I just have to do that frogs' legs thing (which is awkward if the table is against the wall on one side).

I was watching Jo Brand on Live at the Apollo, and she talked about stirrups as if they would of course be used for a smear. Have I just always had lo-tech medical care? I don't feel like I have had a particularly sheltered outlook, at least four medical professionals have investigated my nethers.


Dec. 10th, 2008 11:42 am
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The cervix is a lot rounder than I imagined. I was reading Belly Tales, and she linked to a blog where a woman took photos of her cervix every day through a cycle and posted them. Really cool.

I went to see Act Your Age recordings again with [ profile] humanfemale. One of the guests was Stan Boardman. Sample joke: "I took my wife out the other night. One punch." It was all quite hideous and racist and horrible. He wouldn't stop talking. It didn't get any better. On the train on the way home I read the Virgin magazine, and in an interview (so not even with his "ironic" persona), Jimmy Carr described Nadia Almada as "the she-male". I'm not going to tag this entry as comedy, it's not true.

But I did have some very nice fried chicken, so a trip not entirely composed of bigotry.

I have a lump on the back of my head. I don't know how it got there, and it's quite tender when I poke at it, which I do quite a bit. Hopefully eventually this week my room will be finished and I can move everything back. This morning I woke up to shadowy shapes in my curtained window and thumps on the roof. Then there was a pause, and a voice said "uh, looks like there's a problem here...". So let's just not think about that. I got invited to someone's house for roast dinner on Sunday. I am looking forward to the beef.
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I found this site linked through Hoyden About Town.

Two further things I hated are:

1. "Our bras are designed to position the breasts halfway between the shoulder and the elbow, which is what clothing designers intended."

Yes. Definitely the solution to this problem of clothes not fitting is for bodies to fit the whims of the designers, not to encourage designers to recognise that there is no one body size and shape and maybe there could be a broader range of fits and styles.

2. "You cannot slouch in our bras."

I DO NOT WANT CLOTHES IN WHICH I CANNOT SLOUCH. I like slouching. I know it's not "attractive", (and probably makes clothing designers really mad) but that doesn't say "comfort" to me, it says "constricting".

Our windows are in. But I don't have a curtain rail anymore, something to do with the supports being too brittle. Which is fine, we can get a new one. But I don't know how to put it up and I'm worried I'll do it wrong and it will all break.
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I just took a survey that asked me whether I was married/co-habiting, divorced/separated, or PRE-MARRIAGE. For fuck's sake.

I also got pissed off (this is a HILARIOUS pun that won't become apparent until a later paragraph) with a question I had to answer this morning about whether or not I had used a condom the last time I had sex. There was not a box for "there really wasn't anywhere to put it", so I ticked no and then pointed out to the person that the question was distinctly lacking. And now I think I should have left it blank, because I suspect that it's going to get used to say "omg these stupid women don't even use contraception". Anyway.

These questions were on a form to get tested for Chlamydia. I went because I was attracted by the word "free", by the fact that it was the only non-sporting activity in the graduate email, and really it's better to know. Also I am a bit of a hypochondriac, and sometimes think that I have Munchausen's syndrome. I had an AIDS test a few years ago because it was free. It was a scraper thing in your cheek.

It was only when I got to the graduate common room today that I realised that I didn't actually know how they tested for chlamydia, but it turned out to be urine, and may I just say that I absolutely aced the weeing into the tube thing. She said half full, and half full it duly was. They are going to send me a letter to tell me if I have it. I also got a badge with an elephant and "don't forget" on it, but it doesn't really say what it is that you shouldn't forget. I don't think that it's particularly effective advertising.

Ebay update - red boots now at £16.51 with 11 watchers. Don't just watch, join in! Bid higher and higher!
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I technically really like GraphJam, but in practice what happens is that I get quietly infuriated by the graphs which are clearly using an inappropriate format, or haven't labelled their axes, or are just WRONGLY DIVIDED, and have to go somewhere else for a while.

I won my boots. Yay?

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I was, onestercreep, doing work this afternoon, but I was working from an e-book and now the library portal is down for maintainance, so I am thwarted. Clearly I can't instead read one of the many physical tomes right in front of me, or write up my notes, or play around with EndNote instead. That would be madness.
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At the weekend we went to see Step Up 2 The Streets and Son of Rambow. Films. )

When we got back we watched the first episode of the new Australian series of Gladiators, which was bizarre. It's the same as ever, which is good. I suppose I actually mean that it's the same as the British version, as I haven't seen the Australian one before - the main differences are the accents, and on the Eliminator both the men and women do the monkey bars, and they rope-swing through water instead of paper, which upsets me a bit as I really liked the paper breaking bit. Anyway. The gladiators are ODD. The women are mostly blonde and look the same - there is one with blue hair and one with huge brunette hair, but apart from that they all look freakily similar. One is called Angel and has feathers in her hair. ANGEL. What kind of a name is that for a gladiator, hmm?? The men are slightly better, but all of their costumes look the same, and don't fit terribly well. My man was a tree surgeon and won. I am looking forward to the new UK series now.

This poll is quite intrusive, so obviously people should feel free to skip it altogether or only answer whatever they feel like. Also people who don't menstruate probably don't have anything to say to the first two questions. Basically, I have never even tried to keep track of my periods, and am never expecting them to show up, and have lately been wondering if this is a dire failure at womanhood. Then I thought that as I was being nosey anyway I might as well add in the question about nipple-licking that I had been pondering for some time.

[Poll #1167715]
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I read the f-word, which is a UK based feminist blog. I've always found it interesting, and even when I don't agree with their views, they're usually thought provoking, and well-argued. Today I found this on it. It's a blog post by Abby O'Reilly, who has taken issue with Zoe Williams' writing about her pregnancy. It's a pretty nasty piece of writing, I think - seeming to place "breeder" (delightful!) and "thinker" as opposite positions, and asserting that no-one except Williams and possibly other pregnant women could possibly be interested in what she has to say. So I wrote this as a response.

Abby O'Reilly's blog post on Zoe Williams )
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Anne Enright says " The statistics on how often mothers choose not to breastfeed girl babies are shocking." I had no idea that there was a difference - I don't think it occured to me that there might be at all. Does anyone know what the statistics are? Is it a culture-specific thing, or fairly widespread?

Rosalind Coward says "the issue of date rape arrived in Britain, as American trends inevitably do". Yes, date rape is almost as annoying as Barbie. She then goes on to ask: “The question is whether in such situations we can really equate unwanted penetration with rape – penetration against our will.” She paints a nostalgic view of the time when a man could force a woman to have sex, and the woman would just chalk it up to experience. Ah, happy days. This is from her 1999 book Sacred Cows, which is subtitled "Is Feminism Relevant to the new Millennium?" - unsurprisingly, she thinks not. And I can see why she thinks that, because apparently she hasn't ever considered that feminism might be anything more than the seventies' media stereotype.

One of the most offensive things she does (and as you can see, there's no shortage) is appropriate the term "womanism" for her own ends: "What I have called 'womanism', a sort of popularised version of feminism which acclaims everything women do and disparages men. Womanism is feminism's vulgate." I think she thinks she's invented the term, which would come as quite a surprise to many African-American womanists/feminists such as Alice Walker. That Coward could blithely ignore the history of womanism as a term and a movement and use it to describe a "vulgate", a lesser, dumbed down version of the "proper", (white) feminism is disgusting. Surely, surely at some point in the publication someone must have said "oh, that's actually already a term, and it doesn't mean anything like that?"

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at the awfulness of the book, as she writes approvingly of both Melanie Phillips and Katie Roiphe, and has a quote from Fay Weldon on the cover. Still, she is providing me with material that draws together many of the strands of my work.

Ra ra skirt

May. 4th, 2007 03:42 pm
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Previously on slemslempike, I made a post about tampons with skirts.

I initially locked it because of paranoia about Tampax hunting me down for breaking the rather loose security thing I ticked and leaving me in a pool of (blue) blood). Now they are advertising it, according to [ profile] notmarcie, so I needn't have, but since there are comments I will leave it locked, in case people didn't want to share.

Anyway, further to that post, in which I signed up for a trial, I have received my box of clothed tampons. I am to use them as I normally would, not allow my friends and family to use them, and send back any unused ones. They came with a sheaf of informative leaflets, the first of which told me brightly that these tampons were definitely not harmful! At all! The rest of the leaflets were mostly warning me about the dangers of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Anyway, my lady time is not yet upon me, and so until I can report properly on the actual experience of using a tampon with a skirt, I bring you the experiments of slemslempike and the frilly tampon.

Cut for lots of pictures. And the SHAME OF MENSTRUATION, obv. )


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