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Last November lots of people did daily outfit blogging. I really liked that, and I'd like to encourage you all to do it again, so that I have more things to read, and can think about clothes more, and and and I JUST WANT YOU TO POST.
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They're making a TV sequel to Boy Meets World! Did you know about this? I just found it through a circuitous route*, and I am really quite excited! Topanga and Cory are going to be parents to a 13 year old girl and it's basically going to be the same show but with them as parents. None of the articles I have since googled know whether or not any of the other actors will be returning. If Shawn isn't in it at least once I shall be very disappointed. My only regret is that Selena Gomez (whom I have become very very attached to this year) is too old to play the girl. There is no news on DeLuise involvement, but they would not be the first programme to miss out that way.

I have been buying dresses and stuff on ebay, and recently won an auction for a lovely stripey tight dress that I was going to wear under other dresses. Although it was a 14/16 and I am more of a 16/18, I thought that as it was stretchy material it would be fine. Unfortunately I didn't read the label right and it is in fact a size 4/6. This is not helpful to me.

* Got a list of other people on my Brussels thing, looked them up, wondered if they were doing the same, googled me to find out what they'd see, saw someone with my name but with a filthy "i" in it, clicked on her twitter, found a re-tweet from her about it...
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I got stuck in another dress today. This time it was in Gap. The zip was down the back, and when I was taking it off it wedged a bit halfway down, and then the teeth underneath separated, trapping me. There were no assistants in the changing room, and although I pressed my button especially for assistance, no-one came. After about five minutes loitering I had to go onto the shop floor to the till and tell the assistant (and her queue) that I was stuck in a dress and needed help. She and her managed eventually freed me. I didn't buy the dress (though it was lovely).

I just got back from an Indian head massage taster. It was lovely. When I am massaged, especially at first, I get a very localised tingle at the top of my left buttock. It's not a bad feeling, but it is quite surprising. I think I may have more massages in the future. Work has therapy rooms that masseuses (and others) can rent, so I could do it in my lunchbreak. Or more sensibly, right after work, so I don't fall asleep in the afternoon.

My flat is lovely but rather cold. I am trying to get quotes for double glazing, so I know what to save up for. Although some places do interest free credit, which could be very helpful. Unfortunately, they either want me to ring them, or they want to ring me, neither of which I like very much.
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I'm wearing blue tights with big white stars on today, so I put on a red t-shirt too as a sort of Wonder Woman homage.

I am watching my way through Caroline in the City. I had forgotten, or not noticed the first time round, that it is just relentless in Richard getting wonderful breaks and chances that are then ruined by the others, mostly Caroline. Oh, and on imdb I found that Andrew Lauer, who played Charlie (the assistant on rollerblades), directed a film called Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer and put Del, Caroline and Annie in it! I find that very sweet for some reason.
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I often don't understand everyday type clothes, and am pretty suspicious of garments in general, let alone actual fashion, but (or, perhaps, therefore?), I really like the dresses in this collection. Especially this one:

Picture. )
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I was having a really promising precursor to sex dream in which a woman gave me her "journal of erotic situations" to read, and then introduced me to her beautiful housemate, WHOM I THEN STARTED TALKING TO ABOUT MY PHD, so that instead of waking up all nice and tingly I woke up in a really bad mood at all the work I have to do.

Since cutting my hair I have realised that something I do when I am disconcerted by unexpected niceness (I am nearly always disconcerted by unexpected niceness) is tuck my hair behind my ears. This now looks even sillier, especially when the niceness is someone saying "I like your hair".

Day 1: socks complimented by elderly woman on the way to the train station.
Day 2: socks complimented by my friend's boyfriend, and Tiffany Stevenson
Day 3: socks complimented by a man through a car window at a traffic light (he seemed sincere enough) and Bridget Christie

(I should point out that this is a range of socks, not the same pair, and the reason for no sock-related compliments on day 4 is that I was wearing boring black socks, not that the smell finally started to overpower people.)


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