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I do not like change, and I especially do not like change to my email. Oh yahoo, why must you unnerve me by being quite similar but not quite? I am almost getting used to it, but mostly it just looks like it hasn't loaded properly. And if I wanted conversations to be grouped together, I'd use bloody gmail, as I haven't made the switch (except for professional stuff) then you should assume that I LIKE having to use an unreliable search box and trying to remember what precise words used were.

[ profile] sabethea linked to this a while ago, and it's stuck with me:

Malory Towers/Battle Royale
Summary: It's the end of Darrell Rivers' fifth year, but now she and her friends are being forced to fight to the death, and only one can survive. How long before old friendships give way for good?

I haven't read Battle Royale, but it works as a standalone Malory Towers dystopian fic. It is multi-chaptered, and I felt quite bleak for a while after reading it. Recommended! (Sort of.) It gets around the "but surely a Malory Towers girl would never kill another?" aspect pretty well.

I went to a talk on tax and avoidance, that was very interesting, and I got to seem knowledgeable after remembering [ profile] hfnuala mentioning a while ago that income tax was brought in as a temporary measure in the UK to fund the Napoleonic Wars. Tonight I am off to another talk, this time on the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh, which is having a presentation and display of some photos, apparently also with some sort of refreshment. I was supposed to go to an NLS talk on Slavery yesterday, but work overran and I didn't make it. The talks are because I was messing around on eventbrite, and decided to see what was on that I hadn't heard about. Lots!
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I have been trying to remember where I found the link to this story for ages, and in the absence of any sort of inspiration whatsoever, I thought I would ask if anyone can help.

It's a back-in-England Narnia story where cut for people who like their childhood memories rather less tragic. )

The Radio Times website says that it was the Buzzcocks I saw being recorded tonight, but I haven't watched it because I was at home with my mamma who I didn't think would like it very much at all.

I have a cough. This is not good. I don't want to be ill on the weekend - still less do I want to disturb other people's sleep when I myself make such a babyish fuss about noise.
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One of my guilty pleasures is those fics where it starts out as either an anti-Mary-Sue, or a parody, and then it turns into the most Mary-Sue character EVER. The kind of person who would outshine even Ayla's originality and adventure. Picture, if you will, an "average-looking" woman (because if they're not beautiful then the author has clearly managed to create a clever and original character!) with all the canon characters standing to one side with their gazes fixed upon her in various stages of platonic love, romantic interest, panting lust, rueful admiration, and probably one rather jealous looking woman. Then, to the other side, there is Ayla, with a thought bubble reading "no really, this is utterly unbelievable". I LOVE IT. It is even better if the author responds to any comments mentioning the Mary-Sueness with rolled eyes and an exhortation to read the summary, which will explain that this is not a Mary-Sue. Duh. I am re-engrossed in one that I thought had finished last summer, but it turns out is now finished, and has a sequel! A sequel that was updated a mere few days ago, and looks set to continue!

In the first piece, Our Heroine finds herself dragged to Middle Earth by some kind of magic. Oh, how tawdry and overdone. But wait! It is not her magic! There are two actual Mary-Sues who have (inexplicably) brought her along without her consent to be their sort of serving girl. And made her beautiful. There is a wonderful bit where the magic wears off and the Fellowship (naturellment) are unable to understand how happy she is to look normal. Things continue in this vein. Clearly she is Not a Mary-Sue. You should not be distracted by any of the following things:

Her quick wit that has everyone respecting her.
Saving Boromir.
Winning over every single character.
Becoming a sister to Boromir and Faramir, and a Lady of Gondor.
Elladan and Elrohir teaching her knife-fighting.
Being put in command of a regiment of men and teaching them about swordplay. And gender equality. (But not so much to respect girliness. She is rather Down on the trappings of femininity.)
Marrying Legolas. Yes, MARRYING LEGOLAS.

In the sequel, she somehow ends up in Hogwarts. With Legolas in tow. They are all rather bemused at this turn of events. Hermione has read The Lord of the Rings and is very bright about it all. Our Heroine teaches Harry to throw knives. She becomes a teacher at Hogwarts and gives them lessons in armed combat, during which she gets to rough up Draco. She is wise because she has already overthrown one Dark Lord, so has handy tips on how to deal with Voldemort. Mrs Weasley knits sweaters for her and Legolas at Christmas. Suddenly the other LOTR characters are also in Hogwarts. It is revealed that Our Heroine is a princess! But she doesn't like to mention it. This is because she is Not a Mary-Sue. Other evidence includes her fear of heights, which prevents her from playing Quidditch. Ah, such a sad loss to the British team. So. Our Heroine, Legolas, Elladan and Elrohir, Thranduil and Gimli are all in Hogwarts. There are rumours of Japes afoot between E&E and Fred and George. But things are not all amusement. There is Danger. Our Heroine is roped into the Order of the Phoenix (largely at her own insistence, because she is Wise Beyond Her Years), and she has to take Harry, Hermoine, Ron and all the straggling Middle Earthians to America. AMERICA. I am SO CLOSE to emailing her to ask her to get them to call in on JUMP! Street for some assistance. It would make my entire life.

I'm going to be sitting here, obsessively clicking refresh until the next chapter is posted.

(Also, my latest PhD draft proposal is apparently a really big step forward, and I can see where I'm going with it. But frankly, I don't really care as long as I have such fic in my life.)


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