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Last night I had an anxiety dream about those cupcakes I wanted to make. I made the batter, and put them in the tin, but they were all uneven, and then they sort of cooked in the heat before I could get them in the oven. They seemed okay when I took them out, but when I tried to do butterfly cakes with them they were all gooey in the middle, and then I gave a lovely woman food poisoning.

(Also Madge from Neighbours (actual Madge, not the actor) and I went to a Trivial Pursuit seminar, and I asked her a question about Charlene's relationships, and she got it right, obviously. How we laughed!)

I have now run out of bowls and forks, so I really really have to do some washing up, even before starting to cook. Life is pain, highness.
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I went to the bookswap yesterday, which Nuala hosted in her lovely house. I made cinnamon brownie muffins, which are chewy and rather nice, and tried to make mini doughnut muffins (milk-free), which were a failure. Today I might do some more baking and take it into work. I was going to make gammon and pear casserole, but I think it uses sweet potato, which I forgot to buy any of.

I was comparatively restrained and only came away with 9 books, one of which was knitting patterns, so doesn't even really count.


I feel I have a nice mix there. I recently went through my shelves to winnow down the amount on them, and took out all the ones I wouldn't want to either reread or refer back to or lend to someone else, or just have to have them. What I also did was take off all the things I want to keep but haven't read, and piled them up on the floor to have at hand. I'm trying to work through these before buying new books or rereading books. Here they are:


So that's 151 books I need to read (not including the separate books within one set of covers). I do want to read all of them, at some point, just... not as much as I want all the other books in the world as well.

Here are the books in more detail if you wanted to see. )

The bookswap also featured a yarnswap. There was a lot of beautiful yarn - I got some kidsilk haze, which I've never knitted with before, some light green merino, some lovely Chilean variegated alpaca, and enough gold silk yarn and beads to make an amazing beaded shawl. Now I have sorted through all my yarn (something I should probably have done properly beforehand), and I really, really have to start some projects. I have three aborted projects to finish frogging, and a cardigan that I have been stalled on for FIVE MONTHS. The pattern is wrong, and I'm at the same bit for the fifth time of starting where I have finished the chart, and I need to start calculating for bust darts, but it's also the bit where I'll find out if it's too big AGAIN and probably have to start again. I was determined not to let the pattern beat me, but I'm not sure I can bear starting again.

So in order to get back in to knitting I think I'm going to start an entirely new project to get me back into the swing of it. Unfortunately my ravelry browsing has mostly led me to patterns I love for yarn I don't have, and that is not at all the point.

Maybe I could make these pretty fingerless mitterns, probably in some fyperspates sparkly sock yarn I got in the yarn swap [ profile] anglaisepaon ran a few years ago. Or does anyone have an idea of what I could make with 1300m of Kidsilk haze? or 800m of drops Alpaca? or 700m of merino fingering? or, ooh, 1500m of dk linen? THERE IS TOO MUCH CHOICE AND NEVER ENOUGH YARN.
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Is licquorice much more popular than I imagine, or is this some kind of DISS?


The original post's tagged "I like them all", but licquorice??? Really? I am baffled by that being (apparently) used to represent a flavour it would be hard to choose between. Cookies and Cream and Choc Mint I think are both flavours that I would recognise as generally being considered lovely, but licquorice is HORRIBLE. (Am I wrong? Is liquorice an acknowledged flavour of loveliness?) I think I'd use something like Chocolate Fudge Brownie as the third, if I were going around making ice-cream based comparisons to DeLuises. Special enough to convey that it's great, generic enough that it's a clear people-pleaser even if its not your personal preference... undivisive. Surely the DeLuises aren't divisive?

Fringe, physical activity. )

Nude men

Nov. 19th, 2012 11:44 am
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Oh man, I really want to see the art exhibition about nude men, but I cannot find a reasonable way to get to Vienna before it closes that is a) less than £500, and b) less than 2 days travel. Oh, my life is so hard (snigger). Well, I could fly to Munich for about £220, and then get trains, but the timings mean that I'd have to spend two nights in Vienna, but really only have one day to do anything, which seems excessive in terms of time and money spent. I shall have to get my arty fix of penes another way.

I made a pork and apple casserole last night. I haven't had any as it was for freezing for lunches, but I tried one of the bits of pork, and it was drear and tasteless. Is there a way of cooking pork that makes it actually taste nice? Is it about the bits of meat you use? I would like to go on something like a wine tasting course, but for meat.


Apr. 9th, 2012 09:41 pm
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It has been an excellent weekend for food. On Friday I went to my friend's house where he made us venison and black pudding. SO NICE. My contribution was sugar snap peas, broccoli and new potatoes from the pre-prepared selection at Waitrose. I actually hadn't had any fresh vegetables for a while, it was lovely.

On Saturday I made THE BEST THING EVER. Gammon and pear casserole. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I was very smug about it anyway, because I bought the meat from the farmers' market and the vegetables from the city farm (which was grea: small but lovely, and with VERY BIG PIGS - I am considering sponsoring one in my sister's name). I also got to use my lovely blue and turquoise cast iron casserole pot for the first time. It tastes so very good. I cannot recommend it highly enough and I'm really looking forward to having the leftovers for lunches.

Sunday was roast chicken. This did not come from the market, but was a free-range chicken from the Co-op as I am trying to buy more ethically-produced meat. Turns out this is EXPENSIVE. And doesn't taste any different, which isn't at all the point, but still. The Co-op had pre-prepared roasting potatoes in the reduced section so I had those, and they were brilliant. I have been eating them cold from the fridge today and moaning outloud with their tastiness. I made stock from the bones, with a huge amount of vegetable off-cuts that I'd been saving in the freezer. I had been thinking that I could find out if anyone else in the flats composts and would like my leavings, but this way I don't have to talk to anyone else. (I ran into the woman who lives in the flat below me yesterday. We said awkward helloes and then I followed her to the bins.)

Today I made sweet potato wraps, which had better freeze as well as The Kitchin claims, because I now have ten wraps which will be defrosted for work lunches. They were quite nice for supper just now, but because I'd prepared the ingredients at various stages they were an odd mix of lukewarm and cold. I suspect they might be nicer entirely at one temperature, specifically a hot temperature, with melted cheese. I also ended up making the tortillas for it from scratch, less for a desire to show off than a desire not to leave the house at all.

Now I have to do the washing up from it all. I saw an article about very small dishwashers and now I yearn for one.

Not-quite-dieting talk. )

The rest of the weekend has been watching TV, mostly "starring" Micheal DeLuise, but that's another post.
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Hey Clare, looking forward to the bookswap?
Yes, hugely!

I understand you're in charge of food.
Yep, just went to Tesco, got bread, stuff to put in/on bread, some strawberries and other things. Oh, and I just made "snickerdoodles".

I think people know what snickerdoodles are, you don't have to quote it.
That's not why I quoted it.

Ah. Did they go wrong?
Very wrong.

Are you still going to take them to the bookswap?

Do you expect people to eat them?
God no.

And you're taking them because?
I feel bad that other bookswaps had awesome food and lots of homemade stuff, and I went to Tesco, and am too incompetent to make snickerdoodles. So I'm taking them to prove that I tried. And you know the worst thing?


What is the worst thing about it?
I still had to wash up the utensils I used to make the world's worst cookies. Normally at least you get a warm glow of satisfaction to temper the annoyance at having to clean.

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Is it normal to put sweetcorn in minestrone soup? I mean, putting sweetcorn in anything is clearly not a normal thing to do, but is it usual practice? I had to eat around it after I discovered it lurking in amongst the noodles. ALSO I just went to get a glass of water and there is a solitary kernel in the sink. Sweetcorn is stalking me.
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I am reading The Far Side of the World. Jack has sent to see if Stephen wants to come and watch chase. Stephen is below deck cataloguing some beetles, and the reply comes: "he says that if he is given a direct order to come and enjoy himself in the cold driving rain if not sleet too as well as a tempest of wind he will of course be delighted to obey." By which I mean of course that I hope everyone who chose to go out tonight has a lovely time. But more than that I hope everyone else is allowed to catalogue their beetles undisturbed.

I have finished off the level of Angry Birds that stalled me for two days! Now I have a bird that turns into a BOMB.

My mum told me there was extra milk in the garage, but I could only find wine. I ran the milk to ground in the freezer. I have had Alpen which always seems like it's going to be more filling than it is. I have eaten all the smoked salmon. Perhaps a turkey sandwich next.

This post, which I found on friendsfriends, is really annoying me! I know that I know the poem too, and yet I cannot think where it is from. It's not in either of the Milne children's poetry collections I have. Can any of you put me out of my misery?
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I have half-finished drafts of about four posts, but I am posting a meme in lieu of actual content.

1. What is your occupation right now?

I am a student. I am trying to convince myself that I am a full-time student and should therefore be devoting more time than I am to writing in order to finish, while at the same time trying to convince the Jobcentre that I am a student in name alone and they should definitely give me some benefits. We shall see what they think of the letter my department wrote saying that I have no contact hours.

31 further questions of similar insight. )
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I have been reading 101 Poems by 101 Women for several years now. Slowly. It is edited by Germaine Greer, and the poems are arranged chronologically, starting with Anne Askew in 1564. I have finally reached the 1950s, and am starting to enjoy it more. I have liked reading the earlier poems, but they tend towards the long and tortuously rhyming which is not at all my preferred style. I had not come across this poem before, and I liked it a lot, so I am posting it. It is not very short, so most of it's under a cut.

The Centaur
By May Swenson (1956)

The summer that I was ten—
Can it be there was only one
summer that I was ten? It must

have been a long one then—
each day I’d go out to choose
a fresh horse from my stable

which was a willow grove
down by the old canal.
I’d go on my two bare feet.

The Centaur. )

I am going to see The Habit of Art with [ profile] whatho next month, and I think I should try to read some Auden, and possibly also listen to some Britten. Generally I don't do any preparation for plays, I like to see if they stand alone (and also I am lazy), but somehow it seems that I might get more out of it if I knew something. I'm not sure.

I am currently roasting a chicken. I put onion and garlic and a lemon in it and everything. I'm going to have roast potatos with it, and then I'm going to make stock, and on Saturday I'm going to (try and) make risotto for the first time ever. I can't tell you how grown up I feel.
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Chocolate cake, yes. (I have just made one and had a breakfast of bowl scrapings.) Chocolate and orange cake, ooh! But chocolate and orange POTATO cake, I do not think.

(I mean, I would totally try some if the opportunity arose. But potato cakes are those savoury fried things in breakfasts sometimes - they are NOT for chocolate.)
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I want to eat more things that aren't meat, but there's actually a shortage of things that aren't meat that I actually like. (Things that go in main meals, anyway - if someone can come up with new information about the ideal supper being soft serve ice cream and butterscotch sauce then I will be DELIGHTED.)

So, does anyone have a recipe for vegetarian main meals that are not terribly difficult to cook, and contain none of the following:

List of fussiness. )
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A poll for a morning, a Thursday morning, apparently, which means that I must remember to buy the Guardian to get the booklet about Freshers Week.

[Poll #1446248]

And I would have posted about this horrible review in the Independent before if I'd been here. I haven't seen The Girlfriend Experience, though it sounds interesting, and I've no idea if his other criticisms are valid, but this:

One of them, the elephantine Tessa (Debbie Chazen) giggles nervously about going to see a play that she's in.
There's no point in not saying that these huge and unappetising women come across as being incredibly sad and curiously stupid, with their whale-like lolloping around

is fairly vile no matter what.


Feb. 16th, 2009 06:40 pm
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I went to Leicester for the weekend with [ profile] chiasmata to see each other and some comedy festival things. I appeared to be on one of the few routes not subjected to a rail replacement bus service, which was nice, though one train was enlivened by forgetting my plastic fork and having to use my fingers to eat my pasta salad*, and then by a visit to the train lavatory where the strong smell turned out not to be emanating from the toilet itself, but from a pool of urine that had been collecting in a corner, until the train changed angle, at which point it began to lap at the bottom of my jeans, which was traumatic.

Katie met me in the station car park, though Leicester railway station turned out to be almost entirely surrounded by car parks, so this took longer than expected. The hotel was sweet, with information about having to run the sink tap on hot in order to make the shower work, and wallpaper on the back of the door, but not the walls. We saw Juliet Meyers, whom I liked mostly because she too did Women's Studies; half the comedians who were supposed to be at the Comedy Cafe because they were apparently accidentally in Oakham; Pappy's Fun Club; Isma Almas and Jaik Campbell, whom I did not like one bit.

I have been enjoying drawing people's interests. It is never too late to submit! I also did some work, mostly reading three chapters of a book about girlhood and then trying to copy up my notes, made more difficult by not being able to read my own handwriting. Tomorrow I will WRITE. Probably. Now I am trying to decide whether to have a bacon sandwich, roast chicken or a sausage and apple pie for my supper. The trouble is that they will all involve me getting off the sofa.

This weekend I will be in the house all alone, because Alice and Jen are going to Redemption. Usually I am the one who is away, or we are all away together. This will probably be the longest period of time I've been alone in the house for the last four years. I hope it doesn't go badly wrong.

* Worse yet, I later discovered that I hadn't forgotten it, merely put it in my pocket.


Dec. 10th, 2008 11:42 am
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The cervix is a lot rounder than I imagined. I was reading Belly Tales, and she linked to a blog where a woman took photos of her cervix every day through a cycle and posted them. Really cool.

I went to see Act Your Age recordings again with [ profile] humanfemale. One of the guests was Stan Boardman. Sample joke: "I took my wife out the other night. One punch." It was all quite hideous and racist and horrible. He wouldn't stop talking. It didn't get any better. On the train on the way home I read the Virgin magazine, and in an interview (so not even with his "ironic" persona), Jimmy Carr described Nadia Almada as "the she-male". I'm not going to tag this entry as comedy, it's not true.

But I did have some very nice fried chicken, so a trip not entirely composed of bigotry.

I have a lump on the back of my head. I don't know how it got there, and it's quite tender when I poke at it, which I do quite a bit. Hopefully eventually this week my room will be finished and I can move everything back. This morning I woke up to shadowy shapes in my curtained window and thumps on the roof. Then there was a pause, and a voice said "uh, looks like there's a problem here...". So let's just not think about that. I got invited to someone's house for roast dinner on Sunday. I am looking forward to the beef.
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I finished reading Sally Mitchell's The New Girl today, and thought I would post two of the illustrations from the book.

The first is an illustration from a 1910 story in Girls' Home, called "Handsome Harry, the Girl-Man", in which "Harriet Nash is fired for resisting the manager's sexual harassment and is unable to find another job. Discouraged, hungry, looking for something to pawn, she pulls out the box that her brother left behind when he went to sea. Nothing but clothes...Oh! With her brother's wardrobe and her hair chopped off, she discovers that life is much more pleasant. She enjoys freedom of movement, the absence of insults from men, a very good job as a trollyey driver, and some healthy competition with her workmates in an athletic club."

Handsome Harry, the Girl-Man )

The second is a Punch cartoon celebrating Agnata Frances Ramsay's 1887 achievement of being the only candidate to get first class in Cambridge's Classical tripos. I had seen it before, and it's nice to see it again. It crops up in the book as part of a discussion including Philippa Garrett Fawcett's "above the Senior Wrangler" moment in 1890. Mitchell also notes that fictional retellings often lessen her acheivement, because it's just too fantastical to repeat straight off.

First Class Ladies )

Also, I didn't watch Dawn Goes Lesbian, but Jen did and I am vicariously disgusted. Anna Pickard at the Guardian watched it too, and had a similar response.

Last night we went out to the Meeting House restaurant, which we hadn't tried before, to celebrate Alice's being a dancer of distinction. The food was wonderful. I had cod fishcakes with chili sauce and pickled leaves to start, then pheasant-breast on mash with small squares of black pudding and a red wine sauce, and their carrots were lovely too. Mmmm food.
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Michael McIntyre )

Booths )

Pirate cereal! I am quite seriously thinking about stocking up in case it vanishes again. Of course, since the films are over (dear god, don't let them do any more), it's bound to go away quite soon anyway, but while there're product cards in the plasticky bits on the shelves, there's hope.

Last night I was woken up twice - once by a young man right under my window at 4am, asking his friend very loudly if they were going back to his for a smoke (I did not catch the reply), and then about an hour later when my finger started throbbing after what looks like a small insect bite. Boo.

On Radio 4 this morning, the presenter pronounced "schedule" as "skedule", and immediately corrected himself and apologised with a slightly panicked air about him, and said "I had to do that because there'll be letters". Quite right.

Today I am teaching a workshop on essay writing skills. I don't actually possess essay writing skills, but I do have a Plan.

Tonight I am going to see I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue with [ profile] nerdcakes. Brilliant.


Sep. 18th, 2007 04:34 pm
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[Poll #1057240]

Also, scatalogical questions. )

Today I bought lots of brightly coloured biros and gel pens from Sainsburys. Frustratingly, the lids do not fit on the base of the biros. This is annoying, but the perky pink ink assuages my anger.

My mum is awake again after her operation and seems to be doing okay. I am a bad daughter as I forgot it was today until my dad texted.

I want to go home, but I can't until I have finished copying the notes for Undoing Gender and written 200 words of my own. I may miss Gladiators at this rate.

A few items

Mar. 7th, 2007 04:44 pm
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Is there anything better than being really quite hungry, yet too lazy to go downstairs to get food, and then unexpectedly finding half a bag of gummy sweets in the folds of the duvet? I have to say no, there isn't.

Via [ profile] ankaret - You Don't Have to Be Pretty. I love this. I have a friend who persists in saying things like "oh, she would look so much better in a nice pencil skirt" and telling me that I should wear more brown instead of black, when I love black, and also rather hate pencil skirts.


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