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I have painted my bathroom! I am very impressed with myself. Jess may be amused to note that I got the clean lines by using tips from Apartment Therapy. Look how straight it all is! I bought a spirit level and apparently I know how to use it.

Before, during, and after. )

I have also painted my bookroom and put my books in it, but I can't get a good picture of the colour, which is teal. Today I rearranged my living room and thus changed the view I have when I lie on my sofa and knit/use my laptop/watch TV. A change is as good as a rest. A change AND a rest is even better.
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I really enjoyed this quiz about the most common words in the English Language. I found myself running through quotes I knew, the opening to Pride and Prejudice, some hymns, a bit of Shakespeare. I got 70 out of 100. It didn't have my top-used word according to lj archive, which is "actually". I really enjoy the whole site, especially the geography quizzes, though I am not very good at them. I always forget Wyoming, Timor-Leste, and I can't spell Kyrgystan.

A plumber came to the house today and fixed my radiator. It's warm in my room! We called a plumber because last night, on the suggestion of a friend, we took the thermostat control off the radiator, and got the pin moving again. This did not have the desired effect, so (on the suggestion of my dad) I loosened what I thought was the valve on the other end of the radiator. This came off. There was only a tiny amount of leak, because the thermostat control was still broken, but it was a bit alarming to wonder what if my books would be in Jen's room in the morning. More for her than me, I imagine. I got very grumpy about having to call plumbers, and this wasn't helped when the first one I tried insisted that it wouldn't be the thermostat, and he would have to power thingy the entire system for at least £400. Luckily the next one I tried seemed much more laidback, and arrived quite quickly with the spare parts, and then made perfectly reasonably small-talk (unlike the builder, who has so far jovially threatened violence and made sexually suggestive remarks), fixed things quickly and drained some of it.

It makes me quite cross that Scramble on Facebook organises your "top friends" by total number of points scored and not, say, word IQ, or average score, or percentage won, all of which would be much fairer and interesting and, coincidentally, put me at the top more often. I only have about five people to play with! I can't get the huge scores going!
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I found my keys! You didn't know that they were missing, because I felt that the entries I wrote about it were too boring even for me. This is my office keys, which I had taken away with me for Christmas and New Year (I have no idea why), and then had vanished the second I started unpacking at home. And then I moved my room around and feared that they were lost somewhere while I was 'tidying'. But I found them! They were zipped into my sponge bag, which I had not yet unpacked, four days after arriving home. This doesn't mean that I haven't been washing since I got back, I have. It does mean that I hadn't brushed my teeth though.

The radiator in my bedroom doesn't work. We've tried bleeding it, opening valves with wrenches, hitting it with wrenches, adjusting the pressure on the boiler, and still there is no heat whatsoever emanating from its metal carcass. So possibly a plumber, or maybe I could just cope with my room being between 9 and 14 degrees.


Dec. 10th, 2008 11:42 am
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The cervix is a lot rounder than I imagined. I was reading Belly Tales, and she linked to a blog where a woman took photos of her cervix every day through a cycle and posted them. Really cool.

I went to see Act Your Age recordings again with [ profile] humanfemale. One of the guests was Stan Boardman. Sample joke: "I took my wife out the other night. One punch." It was all quite hideous and racist and horrible. He wouldn't stop talking. It didn't get any better. On the train on the way home I read the Virgin magazine, and in an interview (so not even with his "ironic" persona), Jimmy Carr described Nadia Almada as "the she-male". I'm not going to tag this entry as comedy, it's not true.

But I did have some very nice fried chicken, so a trip not entirely composed of bigotry.

I have a lump on the back of my head. I don't know how it got there, and it's quite tender when I poke at it, which I do quite a bit. Hopefully eventually this week my room will be finished and I can move everything back. This morning I woke up to shadowy shapes in my curtained window and thumps on the roof. Then there was a pause, and a voice said "uh, looks like there's a problem here...". So let's just not think about that. I got invited to someone's house for roast dinner on Sunday. I am looking forward to the beef.
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Today I fitted locks to all the windows downstairs. I did one all by myself, and then half of all the others, before realising that it would be much better if I had another person to hold things steady. I cornered Alice when she got home, and we spent most of the evening with me sitting on the window ledges outside, contorting myself half upside-down to wield the drill in a confined space yet not get Alice's hand that was holding the tiny latch steady. There was one point at which I had one foot on the edge of the draining board and the other on the windowsill and was leaning out of the upper half of the kitchen window with a drill in one hand, a pencil in the other and a screw in my mouth, and hoped very hard that I wasn't going to slip, because it would be such an idiotic thing to have to explain to people.

We got there in the end, although there were slight problems in not being able to open one of the windows sufficiently, dead spiders having to be cleared before Alice could touch things, and me knocking over the chair I was bracing on with the drill still full abuzz. But we got all of them dome before it got dark, and I feel terribly grr and competent. Now if anyone wants to break in they'll have to smash a window instead of unhooking latches. Or, more likely, wait until a time when SOMEONE leaves the windows ajar and no-one downstairs, or better yet, when SOMEONE leaves the back door completely unlocked. Oh well, I tried.

In series two of Slings and Arrows, there is mention of a clarinet. I had been meaning to see if my skill, such as it has ever been, had entirely deserted me, and so I took out my incredibly dusty clarinet case and put mine together. I had to get out the basic-basic book to relearn some of the notes, but after that I was able to ascertain that my skill has indeed entirely deserted me. I sounded absolutely dreadful, but might go and get some new reeds and see if I can blame it all on my tools. At the moment I can't play the b above middle C more than once out of five attempts (the key always was a bit recalcitrant) which cuts down on my ability to render the music I have. I did find my "101 Number One Hits for Clarinet" book, so once I have remembered which keys do what, I can start to regale the daytime street people with such classics as "The Power of Love", "I think we're alone now" and "Bright Eyes". Oh yes.


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