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I wish that The Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes was actually about food in novels. Rachel Conroy would be the Chief Exec, having risen up through the organisation after piloting a revolutionary programme of comprehensive cataloguing and practical testing. The ACNFP in my head provides information on modern subsitutions for out-dated ingredients, runs workshops encouraging writers to develop characterisation through imagining the eating habits of their protagonists, and of course, is the organisation at the bottom of articles about the Famous Five wearily pointing out that lashings of ginger beer is not a phrase from the books. Their stalwart management board are resisting growing political pressure to take on a role in promoting healthy eating - one bright spark who suggested warning stickers on books such as "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" has found themself in the rationing and austerity division, heading up the Insects as Survival Nutrients team, in the hope that this will cure them of having counterproductive ideas.
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Today, AS WELL AS doing (some) work, I made Jen a book. I now no longer feel the need to do Nano. Nothing can top this. Anyway, it's under the cut. Basically, you know the books "That's not my...dinosaur/fairy/tractor"? Well, read on, my friends!

HEAVY on the pictures. )
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An anteater walks into a bar and says that he'd like a drink. "Okay," says the bartender. "How about a beer?" "Noooooooooo," replies the anteater. "Then how about a gin and tonic?" "Noooooooooo." "A martini?" "Noooooooooo." Finally, the bartender gets fed up and says, "Hey, listen buddy, if you don't mind me asking - why the long no's?"


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