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The TRAVESTY of a 21 Jump Street film is getting a sequel, called 22 Jump Street. They have just begun filming it. I will probably end up watching it, even though there are unlikely to be the cameos again. If they get Richard Greico to do one I will be spitting.

In actual JUMP! Street news, Peter DeLuise's first date with his now wife was apparently desk shopping at Ikea.

Jess and I watched more of the third series on holiday, and got to the proper scary dark one in prison. I showed my friends some of series one earlier this week, and they really liked it! Admittedly they found bits of it hilarious rather than gripping, but there was still definite enjoyment and I might get to show them more soon. We watched the one with the worst porn barons in the world, and the one where Johnny Depp is an anarchist punk (with Jason Priestley, from whose character I get my "name" on lj).
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It was a travesty, as I had expected. The underlying film was mediocre, which was better than I had expected. There were several parts I actually laughed at, and I did like the plot part of the cool/outsider positions being reversed now that teen culture has moved on. BUT IT WAS DREADFUL. Mostly it was just very dull.

Terrible Jump Street film. )

* I love shots with peoples heads together like that, I have about a million screenshots of Paddy and Tucker doing it, and several thousand of Cybill and Maryann.

Peter DeLuise has joined twitter. )
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He is in several films, but I haven't managed to see many of them. I have elsewhere mentioned He Was a Quiet Man, in which Michael DeLuise appears briefly and fuzzily and doesn't even SPEAK, and Bloodsuckers where he has a small role as some sort of vampire transporter who is slightly good at the end. Morally good, that is. He is WONDERFULLY good the whole way through every scene he is in.

Ambition to Meaning. )

The Man Without a Face. )

Films not yet seen. )

Wayne's World and Encino Man will be easy enough, and Circle is on DVD here but it doesn't look overly appealing so I'm holding off for a bit. I am very slowly getting hold of Hot Stuff but the others elude me. I am ESPECIALLY cross that Class Cruise is not forthcoming, as it sounds amazing. From imdb: "A few pupils from County High are selected to be the first to go on a study cruise, a privilege that formerly was reserved for members of private schools." CLASS WARFARE ON A BOAT. Why oh why has this not been re-released into the cinema in the manner of dreadful Titanic, let alone one teeny little DVD release. Or I'd take VHS, even. I'm not asking for the moon here.

One or two-off appearances in TV shows
These are less frustrating than the films, because he is in each of the episodes for a reasonable amount of time, sort of a guest star of the week sometimes. They are still somewhat frustrating, because the plot is seen as wrapped up just because the rubbish main characters have moved on, instead of following the brilliant DeLuise-played character through the rest of his natural life.

Lost, CSI: NY. )

Las Vegas. )

He is also in TV with his family. Stargate SG-1, 3rd Rock from the Sun. )

Amazing Stories. )

Unseen TV. )

Haunted pretends it's downloading but I know really it's not. I have heard of LA Law and My Two Dads but never seen any of either. The rest are utter mysteries. Is Sunset Beat a cop spin-off from Sunset Beach? I hope so. That would be awesome. I hope the homeless girl with flawless skin, make-up and clothing shows up a lot.

Recurring roles in TV
These are the best value DeLuise for your buck. Or for your download gbs. HOURS of TV shows that he's in. It's especially good because imdb will tell you exactly which episodes Michael DeLuise is in, so you don't have to sit through lesser mortals in your quest for brilliance.

JUMP! Street. )

Seaquest )

Brooklyn South. )

Gilmore Girls. )

Some of my Best Friends. )

NYPD Blue. )

He is also in two series from the 1980s that I can't find anywhere, and probably never will. One of the Boys is apparently about "an independent, motorcycle-riding Cuban/Venezuelan female who left her rich family to come to America". Frankly, I would watch that even if a DeLuise hadn't been anywhere near it. Michael DeLuise appears to play her stepson, improbably called Luke Lukowski. There are unaccountably only 6 episodes of that. Then there's One Big Family, which made it to a full 25 episodes, where Michael DeLuise seems to play a grandkid of a retired comedian.

OH GOD it seems so unfair that I will probably never see everything he's ever been in. I went and looked on the NY Museum of TV and Radio to see if they had episodes in their catalogue, but they didn't. I'm sort of relieved because it would have been absolutely ridiculous to go to America to go and sit in a room to watch TV and I'm glad I don't have to decide whether or not I'm actually that committed.
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I started to write a post about the 21 Jump Street travesty at work, and emailed it to myself. Then I found that my work email blocked it for containing excessive profanity.
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Do you know who IMDB claims has the nickname "The King of 21 Jump Street"? RICHARD FUCKING GRIECO.

I am going to see the TRAVESTY of a film tomorrow.
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The thing that got me out of bed this morning was that my phone wouldn't play the Hobbit trailer, and my laptop was in the living room. I quite liked the trailer, but I everything I thought about it has been pushed out of my head, because the same page linked to the trailer for the 21 Jump Street film. (No caps and exclamation mark for the film. Those are for proper JUMP! Street.)

I haven't been following the development of the film, because I knew I would just find it wrong and upsetting. In the snippets of interview I have been unable to avoid seeing, Jonah Hill has revealed he knows nothing of the true heart of JUMP! Street, seeing it as some sort of source material to be funny about. The trailer continues this exposure of igrnorance. There are some major errors that are revealed through even a cursory watching of the trailer.

JUMP! STREET IS NOT A MINDLESS COMEDY. It is a tough, sometimes gritty show that showcases hard-hitting issues and emotional turmoil. There are funny bits of it, because the actors are awesome and cannot help but be hilarious a bit of the time. The underlying themes, though, are deadly serious. I could make a humorously dismissive list of apparent messages: drugs are bad; killing people is not on. Booker is a fucking dick; it is perfectly normal for grown adults to inveigle their way into the lives of teenagers in order to betray their trust, and the appropriate response when said teenagers discover this duplicity is relief. All true. But also: sometimes you will make errors of judgement, and people might die; it is hard to form relationships when your work is so intense; the death penalty is a horrible tragedy and yet you can't stop it; young people are preyed on; family relationships can be more toxic than nurturing; Booker is a fucking DICK.

JUMP STREET IS NOT A PUNISHMENT FOR INCOMPETENT POLICE OFFICERS. Admittedly, it feels a bit like a punishment for Hanson in the first episode, but that's because he wants to be a proper beat cop like his father, and feels like a personal failure. His arrest goes awry, but because he was a bit too earnest and young to handle it, not because he's incompetent. The JUMP! Street programme is an ELITE squad of baby-faced cops. They are the best of the (baby-faced) best. They have a great success rate!

JUMP STREET IS NOT A TWO MAN SHOW. It was a beautiful, beautiful ensemble. The Captain was on their side. Jenko, the first captain, was overtly so, he was hip, hep, groovy, and much cooler than the kids. When Fuller took over it seemed at first that he was going to be much tougher and against them, but he proved to be firm but fair, and to care just as much for the officers in his programme as Jenko, despite their very different methods. There are four main officers, Hanson, Penhall, Ioki and Hoffs. Hanson and Penhall do get more than their fair share of attention, but they all work in different configurations, and get their own episodes to carry. And oh my god Hoffs is a brilliant character.

PENHALL IS NOT THE UGLY COMIC RELIEF. DOUG PENHALL IS AMONG THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE EVER TO HAVE LIVED. Happily, the film people have realised that no-once could ever match the glory of actual Penhall and Hanson, and the two guys are Jenko and Schmidt. Unfortunately, I think that Jonah Hill might intend them to be Penhall and Hanson-a-likes. THEY ARE NOT. What they are is a shorter, fat, unattractive man, and a taller, slim, attractive man. Both of whom are apparently incompetent idiots.

I still am going to go and watch it when it comes out (which is not until March, according to imdb). I think that it is sufficiently different that I won't think that it is being wrong about JUMP! Street, just that it's not trying properly, and there will be enough hints at the actual show to make me fondly reminisce. The taller one's name is Jenko, which is the first Captain's name, so maybe there will be a plot at the end where he finds out that his Dad was the first Captain, and starts to want to live up to it. Also, in the trailer there are some shots which are identical to the shots from the pilot episode where Hanson shows up at school in his car for his first ever assignment and starts a fight with Reggie.

(But it's going to be a terrible film. Even if I didn't know how much Jonah Hill doesn't get JUMP! Street, the trailer shows that it's going to suck.)

(I quite liked the Hobbit trailer. Bilbo looks quietly hopeful. Gandalf looks a bit weird around the face. The sets look amazing.)
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[ profile] jekesta made a vid about Riptide, which I am linking to for two reasons.

1) I think it's a good vid.

2) As Jen says in her post, she has been making it for AGES. And having lived with the pain and trauma of no-one she loves doing anything that fits the music EVER, I think there should be some good to come out of it. It should be seen so that mine and Alice's (okay, and Jen's) suffering was not in vain.

It is not actually entirely Riptide, the verses are lots of various other fandoms. Some of them I even know (Prisoner (Cell Block H), The Persuaders, various incarnations of Star Trek), and I enjoyed it even never having seen Riptide.

Also, at the bottom of Jen's post, when she says that I suggested lots of scenes she could use but they were all from JUMP! Street, that is true*. I could pretty much have done that entire vid using only scenes of Hanson and Penhall. I'm not saying it would have been a better vid (all vids everything ever would be better with more Penhall), but we could all think it quietly to ourselves if we liked.

While I am doing this, I will also link to her webpage on nets, which is one of my favourite things. It makes me laugh every time I read it.

* ACTUALLY, when she first showed me the vid yesterday it had a small scene from JUMP! Street, but it seems to have been taken out now. HMPH.
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In 2005 I went to Connotations with Jen, Alice, Liz and Sarah. (Other people were there too, but the car was filled with us.) Jen and Alice, I think it was, wanted to do the fandom secrets thing that was then not quite as overdone as it can be now, and had a little bit of wall for it. I found them recently, and went through and picked out my favourites - basically the ones for which I know the fandoms. Lots were from SG1 and SGA, which I don't know so haven't scanned.

10 postcards to characters. )

Yeah. It's ages ago now.


Aug. 6th, 2006 04:02 pm
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I came back to a small heap of post. Ignoring the BL articles and the council letter about benefit that has it all wrong yet again, I leapt with alacrity to open the most promising package, which I had won on ebay shortly before I left for Berlin. It was Solarbabies. This is a film from 1986, starring Peter Deluise. Not that he gets the billing he deserves. It's a brilliant piece of cinema about rollerskating orphans in the future, with a generous side helping of ecological narrative. Online reviews are unsurprisingly scathing. Tall poppy syndrome, you see. My icon is of Solarbabies.

Spoilers! And pictures! )
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Taken from just about everybody: Look at your LJ "interests" list. If you have fewer than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much.I only have about 35, and these aren't what I would call my main ones. )


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