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I went to the bookswap yesterday, which Nuala hosted in her lovely house. I made cinnamon brownie muffins, which are chewy and rather nice, and tried to make mini doughnut muffins (milk-free), which were a failure. Today I might do some more baking and take it into work. I was going to make gammon and pear casserole, but I think it uses sweet potato, which I forgot to buy any of.

I was comparatively restrained and only came away with 9 books, one of which was knitting patterns, so doesn't even really count.


I feel I have a nice mix there. I recently went through my shelves to winnow down the amount on them, and took out all the ones I wouldn't want to either reread or refer back to or lend to someone else, or just have to have them. What I also did was take off all the things I want to keep but haven't read, and piled them up on the floor to have at hand. I'm trying to work through these before buying new books or rereading books. Here they are:


So that's 151 books I need to read (not including the separate books within one set of covers). I do want to read all of them, at some point, just... not as much as I want all the other books in the world as well.

Here are the books in more detail if you wanted to see. )

The bookswap also featured a yarnswap. There was a lot of beautiful yarn - I got some kidsilk haze, which I've never knitted with before, some light green merino, some lovely Chilean variegated alpaca, and enough gold silk yarn and beads to make an amazing beaded shawl. Now I have sorted through all my yarn (something I should probably have done properly beforehand), and I really, really have to start some projects. I have three aborted projects to finish frogging, and a cardigan that I have been stalled on for FIVE MONTHS. The pattern is wrong, and I'm at the same bit for the fifth time of starting where I have finished the chart, and I need to start calculating for bust darts, but it's also the bit where I'll find out if it's too big AGAIN and probably have to start again. I was determined not to let the pattern beat me, but I'm not sure I can bear starting again.

So in order to get back in to knitting I think I'm going to start an entirely new project to get me back into the swing of it. Unfortunately my ravelry browsing has mostly led me to patterns I love for yarn I don't have, and that is not at all the point.

Maybe I could make these pretty fingerless mitterns, probably in some fyperspates sparkly sock yarn I got in the yarn swap [ profile] anglaisepaon ran a few years ago. Or does anyone have an idea of what I could make with 1300m of Kidsilk haze? or 800m of drops Alpaca? or 700m of merino fingering? or, ooh, 1500m of dk linen? THERE IS TOO MUCH CHOICE AND NEVER ENOUGH YARN.
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I hate sleeves, and I hate dpns, and I can't believe it takes so long to knit a measly 2 inches. Ugh. I need to get more circs so I don't have to fiddle around like this.
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I have knitted my mum a scarf:

Pictures. )

It was incredibly easy - stocking stitch forever, and then drop stitches right at the end. They're not entirely evenly spaced now, but I don't think my mum will mind. It's mochi plus yarn, which I got for a cardigan and then realised wouldn't work. (And now I've got off the whole idea of the cardigan so I'm going to frog it, or maybe turn the torso bit into a sleep bag for my new relative.) It's lovely and soft.
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I googled "16 inches in cm" to get a conversion for circular needles, and while the first hit that comes up is for a calculator, the next two are both about penis size. One the wikipedia entry on Human penis size, and the other is a question on answerbag from a 16 year old wondering if his penis is small. (No, it's not. Also I really doubt the guy who says he's seen a friend whose penis reaches "his collarbone" when erect. Unless I parsed it wrong and it comes up to the viewer's collarbone. Perhaps I've led a sheltered life, though.)

I am now slightly less enamoured with the snow because it's holding up my parcels of knitting stuff. And my boots gave up on being waterproof.
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So for a knit stitch, I bring the wool underneath the needle and then over the top. Clockwise, I guess. And for purl I do the opposite, sending it anti-clockwise over and then under? I don't understand the videos.
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Oh, now I remember why I had to stop myself looking at ebay.

(Annual edition 1992, annual edition 1993, annual edition 1995 all bought; annual edition 1997 and a UK 1990s version being bid on. I went on to look for boots to wear to work.)

I have no knitting on the go, which is a little odd. I have just about finished seaming the baby jumper I made:

Look on my works ye mighty and despair. )

I bought a bunch of wool in a charity shop, and I might try to make a sleeveless jumper. I have half the wool for the cardigan I want to make, but the other half got sent to my Lancaster address by mistake and I haven't yet recovered it.

Does this look like something that wouldn't be too difficult to teach myself the cables for? Or might it be worth buying this? I wouldn't do the embroidery. Or has anyone made a sleeveless jumper that they recommend that is not too tricky?


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