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Looking into booking my first night's accommodation in Tashkent, I found a recommendation for this place: But if you scroll down the page, their last comment is "Note: We allow no harlotry", and while it's not my actual plan to go there and harlot it up, what if that changes and my harlotry is constrained?

My Two Dads. )

Class Cruise. )

Hard Time. )

Encino Man. )
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He is in several films, but I haven't managed to see many of them. I have elsewhere mentioned He Was a Quiet Man, in which Michael DeLuise appears briefly and fuzzily and doesn't even SPEAK, and Bloodsuckers where he has a small role as some sort of vampire transporter who is slightly good at the end. Morally good, that is. He is WONDERFULLY good the whole way through every scene he is in.

Ambition to Meaning. )

The Man Without a Face. )

Films not yet seen. )

Wayne's World and Encino Man will be easy enough, and Circle is on DVD here but it doesn't look overly appealing so I'm holding off for a bit. I am very slowly getting hold of Hot Stuff but the others elude me. I am ESPECIALLY cross that Class Cruise is not forthcoming, as it sounds amazing. From imdb: "A few pupils from County High are selected to be the first to go on a study cruise, a privilege that formerly was reserved for members of private schools." CLASS WARFARE ON A BOAT. Why oh why has this not been re-released into the cinema in the manner of dreadful Titanic, let alone one teeny little DVD release. Or I'd take VHS, even. I'm not asking for the moon here.

One or two-off appearances in TV shows
These are less frustrating than the films, because he is in each of the episodes for a reasonable amount of time, sort of a guest star of the week sometimes. They are still somewhat frustrating, because the plot is seen as wrapped up just because the rubbish main characters have moved on, instead of following the brilliant DeLuise-played character through the rest of his natural life.

Lost, CSI: NY. )

Las Vegas. )

He is also in TV with his family. Stargate SG-1, 3rd Rock from the Sun. )

Amazing Stories. )

Unseen TV. )

Haunted pretends it's downloading but I know really it's not. I have heard of LA Law and My Two Dads but never seen any of either. The rest are utter mysteries. Is Sunset Beat a cop spin-off from Sunset Beach? I hope so. That would be awesome. I hope the homeless girl with flawless skin, make-up and clothing shows up a lot.

Recurring roles in TV
These are the best value DeLuise for your buck. Or for your download gbs. HOURS of TV shows that he's in. It's especially good because imdb will tell you exactly which episodes Michael DeLuise is in, so you don't have to sit through lesser mortals in your quest for brilliance.

JUMP! Street. )

Seaquest )

Brooklyn South. )

Gilmore Girls. )

Some of my Best Friends. )

NYPD Blue. )

He is also in two series from the 1980s that I can't find anywhere, and probably never will. One of the Boys is apparently about "an independent, motorcycle-riding Cuban/Venezuelan female who left her rich family to come to America". Frankly, I would watch that even if a DeLuise hadn't been anywhere near it. Michael DeLuise appears to play her stepson, improbably called Luke Lukowski. There are unaccountably only 6 episodes of that. Then there's One Big Family, which made it to a full 25 episodes, where Michael DeLuise seems to play a grandkid of a retired comedian.

OH GOD it seems so unfair that I will probably never see everything he's ever been in. I went and looked on the NY Museum of TV and Radio to see if they had episodes in their catalogue, but they didn't. I'm sort of relieved because it would have been absolutely ridiculous to go to America to go and sit in a room to watch TV and I'm glad I don't have to decide whether or not I'm actually that committed.


Apr. 9th, 2012 09:41 pm
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It has been an excellent weekend for food. On Friday I went to my friend's house where he made us venison and black pudding. SO NICE. My contribution was sugar snap peas, broccoli and new potatoes from the pre-prepared selection at Waitrose. I actually hadn't had any fresh vegetables for a while, it was lovely.

On Saturday I made THE BEST THING EVER. Gammon and pear casserole. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I was very smug about it anyway, because I bought the meat from the farmers' market and the vegetables from the city farm (which was grea: small but lovely, and with VERY BIG PIGS - I am considering sponsoring one in my sister's name). I also got to use my lovely blue and turquoise cast iron casserole pot for the first time. It tastes so very good. I cannot recommend it highly enough and I'm really looking forward to having the leftovers for lunches.

Sunday was roast chicken. This did not come from the market, but was a free-range chicken from the Co-op as I am trying to buy more ethically-produced meat. Turns out this is EXPENSIVE. And doesn't taste any different, which isn't at all the point, but still. The Co-op had pre-prepared roasting potatoes in the reduced section so I had those, and they were brilliant. I have been eating them cold from the fridge today and moaning outloud with their tastiness. I made stock from the bones, with a huge amount of vegetable off-cuts that I'd been saving in the freezer. I had been thinking that I could find out if anyone else in the flats composts and would like my leavings, but this way I don't have to talk to anyone else. (I ran into the woman who lives in the flat below me yesterday. We said awkward helloes and then I followed her to the bins.)

Today I made sweet potato wraps, which had better freeze as well as The Kitchin claims, because I now have ten wraps which will be defrosted for work lunches. They were quite nice for supper just now, but because I'd prepared the ingredients at various stages they were an odd mix of lukewarm and cold. I suspect they might be nicer entirely at one temperature, specifically a hot temperature, with melted cheese. I also ended up making the tortillas for it from scratch, less for a desire to show off than a desire not to leave the house at all.

Now I have to do the washing up from it all. I saw an article about very small dishwashers and now I yearn for one.

Not-quite-dieting talk. )

The rest of the weekend has been watching TV, mostly "starring" Micheal DeLuise, but that's another post.
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I am on a bit of a Michael DeLuise kick at the moment. I am still watching Brooklyn South, which is more nuanced than I gave it credit for, and yesterday and today I watched the 8 episodes on youtube of Some of My Best Friends, where Michael DeLuise is the slightly homophobic, if well-meaning, friend of an Italian-American young guy who has initially unwittingly moved in with a gay man, who is played by Jason Bateman. It's just rather cute and lovely, and mostly about Michael DeLuise and his friend learning not to be so prejudiced, and Jason Bateman and his friend making cuttingly funny remarks whenever they forget. (Don't worry, neither of the gay men get to have sex, or even a boyfriend. Phew!)

Also I watched He Was a Quiet Man, because although obviously Christian Slater, William H Macy and Elisha Cuthbert are going to be the stars of that film, Michael DeLuise was listed first, so I figured he'd have a largeish part. NO. After watching the whole thing (which wasn't nearly as clever as it thought it was) I had to go back to the start, as Michael DeLuise was in the credits as the first to appear, but I hadn't seen him. This was because he appears for about FIVE SECONDS behind the credits, in FUZZY BLACK AND WHITE, and DOESN'T EVEN SAY ANYTHING. He unlocked the door to dead Christian Slater's house, though, and really was sort of the focus of the entire film because that's what sets off the flashback. Seriously though, he's described as "starring in" this film elsewhere. He must have... I was going to say a great agent, but as far as I can tell he gets on posters and has billing for films he has almost NOTHING to do with, and it would be much better if he were stealthily in films with really big parts instead.

I saw a very short clip of Peter DeLuise having a cupcake smeared on his face. He took it with aplomb. I am still writing a post about the travesty of a 21 Jump Street film. But I did some link chasing around it, and I found out all this lovely stuff about the proper cast, and I just want to think about it on my own for a bit before I share it. I like reading about and watching Peter DeLuise, and Michael DeLuise (I don't know David DeLuise's work so well but he seems lovely in the family way too) so very much and sometimes things sort of clench at me and I get a little worried about how much I care. Not a lot worried.


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