May. 25th, 2007 03:27 pm
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I did the completion survey for the skirted tampon recently. I was almost entirely negative about its many facets, though they didn't give me a write-in box so I couldn't fully unleash my venom. This was my favourite question:

"How would you rate the Tampax's applicator for each of the following characteristics?"

Its appearance before using

They then had a further option to rate it on how sleek it looked. The APPLICATOR. Unfortunately I did actually have an opinion on the applicator on account of the top looking a bit like a space ship docking bay, but they didn't have an option for that.

Then, rearing its ugly head again:

"Benefits and feelings you may have experienced from the product you received from us."

"Does not make me feel embarrassed or insecure"

"Helps me to forget I am having my period"

I have to say that I had entirely forgotten about tampons during using the mooncup. But no, tampons don't make me forget I'm having my period. Having to remember to take tampons to the toilet with me, and thinking about whether it might need changing is a complete pain. And I don't like the feeling of the tampon sliding out, and I especially don't like the feeling of the tampon not sliding out, and all round hurrah for the mooncup, say I.

Then I did a survey on mobile phones, and it asked me to think about the following points:

"It is important to me that the look of my mobile phone reflects my masculinity or my femininity"

"I would have fewer friends if I did not have a mobile phone"

For the second one, I sincerely hope not. I don't think any of you would shun me? I get what they're saying, but really. Internet on the other hand - not having that would be drastic. I told them that my gender identity wasn't really related to my mobile phone, and they retorted that in that case they didn't want to talk to me and didn't even give me ten points for my time.
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Menstrual cup time again. The one drawback I have is going under this cut, as it's a little squicky )

I just read Dancing Star which is a children's biography of Anna Pavolva, very sugary and unremittingly adoring. It was quite interesting to read an account of her life and travels, particularly the bits about the Russian ballet school. Anyone want it? Free to whoever would.
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Mooncup in place, and surprisingly I can't feel a thing. I mean, I know you're not supposed to be able to, and I do know that you can't feel tampons, but it's so much bigger than a tampon, that I couldn't quite believe that there wouldn't be some kind of discomfort. It was a little awkward putting it in - I decided to steer clear of the bathroom this time, in case of an unfortunate rebound incident - and I'm not particularly confident about taking it out easily, but I think it's good. Oh, if only it was a different make I'd have said "it's a Keeper"! Ahaha. But then the moon-ocle (retired) wouldn't have worked so well.

I got sterilising tablets for baby bottles - I figured that they would be sufficiently gentle yet cleansing. Plus, it's 60 tablets for 84p, and since it only takes half a tablet to sterilise, that should last me for the next ten years, easily. Except that they're best before 2009. Still.

I am going to tidy my room. I was going to do it last night, but I am definitely going to do it today. At some point. I have In America to watch while I do it, and cookies to eat as a reward for getting to certain points. I think the first milestone might have to be "turn off computer".

Oh, and there are RAW ONIONS in the fridge. Guess what my apples taste of? That's right. On the plus side, I now have cheese again, so I can have pizza-bread, cheese and apples, cheese on toast, cheese on crackers and sprinkled on top of spag bog.
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Fnah. I've mislaid my mooncup instructions (another reason that I need to tidy my room this weekend), so in case anyone else is in the same boat, here is what I did.

1) Boil mooncup in pan of water

2) Approach toilet with trepidation

3) Insert mooncup

4) Stand up. Instantly realise that the mooncup is far too low, and the slight stabbing pain is probably not part of the intended experience.

5) Sit back down. Remove mooncup by playing tug of war until vagina gives up.


7) Kneel down, retrieve mooncup from THE OTHER SIDE OF THE U-BEND

8) Try not to be sick at sight of accumulated toilet gunk stuck to moon-cup

9) Debate throwing mooncup away, renouncing feminism and possibly own body.

10) Clean mooncup. Boil mooncup.

11) Decide to put off all further attempts until find some kind of sterilising tablet.


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