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I am missing my phone, so I am looking for another one, possibly as an early Christmas present from my parents. I really liked my San Francisco II (which I think was a rebadged ZTE crescent). It cost about £100, if I remember correctly, and I wouldn't want to spend much more than that, which gives me a pleasingly small amount of choice. It's still a larger amount of choice than I've had before, so I'd quite like some help. Any recommendations for phones that:

  • Cost less than £130 for pay as you go (I'm on Orange)
  • Use android
  • Are not too large, the San Francisco II was only about 59mm across and that was a very good size for my hands and my pockets

I use my phone for wifi access (3G only in emergencies), taking photos, mostly of my books as reminders so it doesn't need to be tooooo swanky a camera, the Kindle app, sometimes watching videos, which was the one area where my previous phone fell down as it quite often stuttered too much to watch some files.

So far the Orange phone shop (where I can spend my £9.50 phone fund before the end of November!) is showing me a Sony Experia E, a Samsung Galaxy Young Blue (???? that seems a silly name) (oh hang on blue is the colour, not really the name), and a Samsung Galaxy Fame. I shall look for reviews, but I'd prefer personal recommendations.

I finished Orange is the New Black, which I keep calling orange is not the only black. I love Piper. I love that she's pathetic and needy and narcissistic and self-absorbed. I hate her fiance. Spoilers. )

I'm trying to stay up until Downton Abbey comes online and watch it before I go to bed.
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I've just returned from seeing Antony and Cleopatra in London. I had to get the FCC slow train because it was such a LONG play. I think maybe Shakespearean Roman plays don't agree with me. Which is a shame because I've yet to see Coriolanus. Anyway, on the train back I caught sight, through the seat backs, of what I thought was somene in a hoodie hunched over, but they looked a weird shape. I was squinting at the shape when suddenly it resolved itself into a couple kissing and I found myself staring into the eyes of a rather cross-looking man.

I wrote this on my new phone that I got for Chrristmas. If you have any recommendations for android apps that would be great.
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I have a camera phone, and I have taken a picture with it. I do not have usb or bluetooth or anything so fancy. I would like to retrieve the photo from my phone and onto my computer. Is there a way that this could happen? If I sent it as a photo message to someone more technologically advanced than I could they then email it to me? If so, could that person be you?

Windows 7

Nov. 30th, 2009 05:22 pm
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I'm thinking of getting Windows 7. Anyone know whether I'd be better with "home premium" or "professional"? They're the same price with the student offer. I'm not bothered about having to do a clean install.

I am very much looking forward to hearing David Mitchell sing.


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