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Oh, now I remember why I had to stop myself looking at ebay.

(Annual edition 1992, annual edition 1993, annual edition 1995 all bought; annual edition 1997 and a UK 1990s version being bid on. I went on to look for boots to wear to work.)

I have no knitting on the go, which is a little odd. I have just about finished seaming the baby jumper I made:

Look on my works ye mighty and despair. )

I bought a bunch of wool in a charity shop, and I might try to make a sleeveless jumper. I have half the wool for the cardigan I want to make, but the other half got sent to my Lancaster address by mistake and I haven't yet recovered it.

Does this look like something that wouldn't be too difficult to teach myself the cables for? Or might it be worth buying this? I wouldn't do the embroidery. Or has anyone made a sleeveless jumper that they recommend that is not too tricky?
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39 people answered the quiz, of whom 6 were American. Other nationalities were British (most people), Irish, Australian and New Zealand. Not enough for proper statistics, but I've put in the numbers of people getting each question right.

Book Lovers Triv answers. )

So, the conclusion is that it is VERY HARD even if you are American, and we can all stop feeling bad about our lack of knowledge and BLAME THE GAME. Ordinarily I would never criticise Triv, but in this case it seems justified. The Farley Mowatt and Pearl Buck questions were the ones where there was the clearest connection between knowing the answer and being American.

Joint winners, with 7 points each, are [ profile] oursin and [ profile] ramblingfancy. Well done!

I won't put names for the rest of them, as people expressed embarrassment in the previous post (you shouldn't! it was really hard!) but here are the scores, so you can check out what you got and place yourselves.

6 (two people)
5 (four people)
4 (five people)
3 (eight people)
2 (nine people)
1 (eight people)
0 (one person)

(but really, this person should get a recognition for taking part, instead of all the people who shirked the challenge because they thought they wouldn't get anything right.)

So feel free to come and claim your rank in comments, though I do have the spreadsheet open so if anyone gets TOO creative with their claims I may raise a private eyebrow. I didn't fill in the poll, but I got three, though I might have been able to think of The Stone Diaries at a push.
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One of the versions of Trivial Pursuit that I own is the "Book Lovers" game, which is American, and very very difficult. I am not sure whether it's difficult because I am not American, or whether it's really rather tough. I mentioned this to [ profile] zoje_george, and she said I should post some questions, so I have. There are the questions from two cards (grammar is all Triv's). The first card I pulled out was actually comparatively easy from my point of view, but I thought it would be cheating to change it, so I didn't. The second card is much more like the general level of questions.

CH: Children's
CL: Classics
NF: Non-fiction
BC: Book Club
AU: Authors
BB: Book Bag

[Poll #1517185]
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[Poll #1268597]

I eventually won a game of Uber-triv. In subsequent games we substituted "Silver Screen" (very difficult movie questions) for "Book Lover". The experience has inspired me to buy more sets on ebay - so far I've won Globetrotter, and have my beady little eyes on 1980s.
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[Poll #982795]

I have lost my bus pass again. This time I am positive that I put it in my pocket before I left the house, but when I got to the bus stop it was not there. Last night I dreamt that I found it, and was really pleased until I realised that I was still asleep. I would like to think that it was a prophetic dream, but it turned up in a place I've already looked, and I was wearing thigh high bright blue patent stilletto boots at the time, so I can't easily replicate the situation and hope for the best.


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