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We went to see my great-aunt today, to show her her great-great-nephew. She very kindly gave us a Victoria Sponge to take at home. I just cut myself a slice, and instead of buttercream, she's put BANANAS in it. What a sad waste of a cake.
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After some lean days of cakelessness, there were sweets today, and so I took some of the shinily wrapped treats back to my desk. They are not labelled. This is how I came to be eating a banana flavoured toffee, unable to spit it out for reasons of office ettiquette and the malign adhesiveness of the confectionary. I can't go back and get another one to take the flavour away because I can't remember which colour of wrapper hides the death-taste. You'll have to imagine that I've inserted the appropriate tag.

I like this, which is from a list of Edinburgh tips by Simon Munnery in The List:

"If you see a queue, join it. If you don't see a queue, start one. After all, history has proven time and again that groups of people in lines are never wrong."

Last night I saw Kristin Hersh, which was simply beautiful. She's doing a spoken word sort of autobiography thing, interspersed with bits of her songs. It was sweet and funny and really quite gruesome in places. Her husband (I think?) came out at the start and told us that it was okay to clap songs if we wanted, but we didn't have to, and okay to laugh if we found it funny. So we did.


Jul. 17th, 2006 02:59 pm
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Managed to get to the dentist for 8.45 this morning, after a short delay when I didn't work out the difference between the emergency dental people and the community dentist, and just stood rather pathetically in reception, bleating that I didn't have a letter.

I got my teeth filed down (two of them are chipped at the edges without being decayed, and "they rub on my tongue". What actually happens is that when I don't have something in my mouth, I run my tongue along the edges and forget to stop before it gets sore.), and I have to go to Morecambe next month to have an x-ray to check on my wisdom teeth. They didn't start coming through until last year, and two started poking through, and then stopped. The dentist said 25 is the right age to have problems with wisdom teeth, which isn't terribly comforting.

After the filing, the dentist put some kind of gel on my teeth to encourage...something, and told me not to eat or drink for an hour, but not to worry because it tastes nice. Actually, it tastes of banana. So far today I have had banana flavoured green beans, banana flavoured beans on toast and banana flavoured water. I am going home to brush my teeth vigorously before I end up with banana flavoured sick.
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One of the nice things about being in this office is that sometimes there's food left over after their posh meetings. Supervisor just came out with a plate of crisps and a huge slice of chocolate cake. Aha! I thought. Something to make up for the fact that he gave me dessert plate away.

Alas. Banana.

He is clearly trying to poison me. Would it not be simpler just to have me fired?


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