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[ profile] antisoppist gave me R. It turns out that R is not a letter than crops up a lot in many of my likes and fandoms.

Rachel Conroy
From The Exiles and sequels by Hilary McKay. I love Rachel's utter inability to look nice for more than a moment, and her project to eat what they eat in books (belly pork!). I love that when she gets the sledge she wanted for Christmas she ignores all her other presents and then takes it to bed with her. I love that she steals her money back from the Post Office.

Rowan Marlow
Who is the second eldest daughter (third eldest child) in Antonia Forest's Marlow books. I think that Rowan would probably find me exasperating and somewhat low and heelish, but nonetheless I think she's pretty super. Especially leaving school at sixteen to take over the family farm, battling Cromwell on the train and taking Nicola for ices, and lipstick to fool the policeman when driving underage.

Arnold Rimmer
Without him, life would be so very much grimmer. He likes rules, even if he doesn't know them very well, and is a snivelling coward with huge issues about pretty much everything and an inability to pass exams.

She appears in the first episode of Blakes 7, where her main contribution is to inform anyone that will listen that the food and water is "laced with suppressants!". I have never forgotten this, nor the sorrow I felt when it turned out she wasn't one of the seven. She would have been great.

Wayne Ross
This is a character from the Canadian show Robson Arms. I have never seen the show, but I imagine that sometimes he gets called "Ross". The main thing you need to know is that he is played by Peter Deluise. According to the show website, he's a pathological liar. But undoubtedly a nice, slightly puppyish, friendly and kind one. Because he's played by Peter Deluise.
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