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On holiday I spent an annoying amount of time feeling sad because I might want a relationship and don't think that it is likely to happen, but just now I read about Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry splitting up and felt genuinely uplifted because it is nice he's single, so I wouldn't say I was entirely unoptomistic about my desirability. Delusional, yes.

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Very nice.

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I know she's had her hair cut is this because they broke up?

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IDK, I don't care about Katy Perry.

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Well I won't tell Addie that

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When I was trying to get Addie to ride a bike, we googled pictures of KP doing so

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I think my brother-in-law was a classmate of Orlando Bloom's at drama school!

He dropped out of the course though. (My brother-in-law, that is.)

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Ooh, good claim to fame (twice removed)!