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I was already in a slightly manic moodswing about my future between fear and anxiety and hope and glee, and now I have to factor in moving back to Scotland to establish residency and voting rights for the next referendum.

(Well, probably. I mean, Sturgeon has called *for* a referendum, not called a referendum. And although May can't realistically/sensibly rule it out altogether, she could probably do some pushback on dates that could mean the SNP think it's better to wait. AND it has to get through the Scottish parliament where they don't have a majority (though with Greens and independent, is it overall for independence? Anyway. Exciting times.)

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YES SCOTLAND YES. I am excited for a referendum about which my feelings are less mixed than last time!

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I hope others feel the same way!

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I was reading some research recently (annoyingly I can't remember where - maybe Buzzfeed?) which said that no-voting Remainers who'd vote yes this time are pretty much cancelled out my yes-voting Brexiteers who'd vote no this time. But I hope that's wrong.

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Although I think my feelings are MORE mixed this time! I am still pro, but I think there was a much stronger case for continued Scottish EU membership last time than there will be now.

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Last time my opinion was basically 'No, we're not ready, you haven't thought it out properly and anyway if I were still in Wales I'd be all NO SCOTLAND DON'T LEAVE US' and now I'm much more 'Screw it, we don't have time, and also Wales is dead to me'.

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The Scottish parliament has a pro-indy majority with just the SNP & Greens but yeah, I'm expecting May to try and push back the date for any further ref agreed by Westminster... Interesting times!

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Ah, so that changes things a little. I saw Corbyn's response that while Scottish Labour would oppose, if it got through the Scottish parliament then Westminster labour would not stand in their way, which seems pretty sound.

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this is such a god damn shit sandwich. I don't begrudge Scotland one bit but I am just so fucking angry at David Cameron for having the balls to think he could placate some back benchers, totally fuck us to pieces with Brexit, and then walk away like most rich white dudes. I want that man to get into the sea.