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This article about Liam Fox, sorry, disgraced-former-cabinet-minister-and-curent-minister-Liam-Fox, coupled with the coverage of Tobias Ellwood helping at the stabbing at Westminster a few weeks ago, was making me wonder if Tory ministers are now initiating crises so that they can intervene and get better press, but then I remebered that the Conservative party has so little shame that they wouldn't see "appearing human" as worth their while.

Yesterday I bought a Duplo cargo plane for £3 in a charity shop. I cannot decide whether to give it to my nephew for his birthday or keep it with the toys at my parents' house where I'd be able to play with it more often.

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That second link. What the fuck!

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I know. It's just absolutely horrible. And because the government does very little that isn't horrible, it just seems like another drop in an ocean of hideousness.

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I want to see this plane!

You should play Duplo cargo cults with it.

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There you go! The top comes off for easier putting things in. Playing cargo cults is a great idea!

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Oh now that is cool!