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I don't think I'm leaving livejournal, just backing things up and probably crossposting at dreamwidth. But one thing is that I havent' read dw properly in the past because there was too much duplication with my flist. So if you could fill in this poll that would be very helpful:

[Poll #2066181]

I will probably start off in the category of "both, but lj preferred", and see how that goes.

My plan is that I will take people off my flist here, and move them to my dreamwidth list, but people who are staying or mostly staying at lj I won't add to my reading list at dw. So no-one will be left out, and I'll have different things to read in each place, and won't worry about what to do with my journal yet. Probably enable comments at both places and see how that works out.

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Sounds reasonable. I think there are good people on both sides of this thing, and I'm discouraged at how many folks want to make it some kind of litmus test for good/bad character.

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I haven't seen people treating it as a sides thing on my flist- just what worked or didn't work for them. I'm still considering whether or not to delete my previous entries, as I am concerned about the ownership aspect, but I'm loath to leave my lj-only friends behind.

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Thanks, we appreciate it!

It's gotten heated in some places, especially on some FB groups. While I think LJ fucks up ALL THE TIME, I don't care for DW at all, and as a result have been accused of "not caring about anyone's civil rights". This did not sit well with me.

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That poll is a good idea. I haven't got my head around Dreamwidth yet, just moved my journal over so as not to lose it.

I've not come across any direct nastiness but, like [ profile] tx_cronopio, I do resent the idea that sticking with LJ means I don't care about human rights.

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I actually don't know what I'm doing yet but went with both with a preference for LJ - I haven't actually made any new posts since the kerfuffle (actually I may just procrastinate forever and never post again, that sounds very me) but most people seem to be heading DWwards so I should probably at least start posting to both.
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I'm not only on dreamwidth, which you can tell because I filled in this poll. But I picked it to mean it's the only place you have the option to interact with me. I suppose deep down I could interact with you over here still if you want. I didn't think of it like that.

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I entered only on DW because that is my intention but clearly I haven't gone yet. I must pull the plaster off today...

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I'm so wishy washy that I have gone to poke an old DW account and reimported all my LJ posts, but then done nothing.

I suppose I ought to be making a proper political stance but I haven't yet found the time/wherewithal. Nor have I figured out how to set up an ongoing mirroring of posts - I assume you can only do DW to LJ and not the other way around.
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At the moment I'm on both, and still trying to work out which I prefer. Username the same.

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I'm also now on both, as just 'alithea' on dreamwidth - I'm intending to cross-post from there to LJ but I have folks who are only on one or the other so I'm allowing comments to both and in a quandary over a preference either way. Mostly I hate change right now!

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And I'm not sure why I'm telling you this because you obviously already noticed! *tired brain*