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2011-11-12 08:05 pm
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Spring Term

I thoroughly enjoyed the GGBP-published Antonia Forest sequel, and I really hope that Sally Hayward writes another.

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I saw a few posts talking about Spring Term before I got a copy. I'd like to go back and read them, but forgot to save any! If anyone were able to point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful indeed.
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2011-05-16 12:47 pm

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GOSH I'm not sure about this at all:

Kingscote Spring Term.

GGBP are publishing a "fill-in"/fanfic novel as part of Antonia Forest's Marlow books, set following Run Away Home. I am not at all sure about it. If it were news of a long multi-chapter Marlow fic, I'd be utterly delighted, but it being a published novel is a different thing for me. I have come up with a LIST of reasons why, when I enjoy reading Chalet fill-ins, I'm uneasy about a Kingscote book. (I'm still going to buy and read it when it comes out.)

  • There are loads of the Chalet school books, and they are all quite similar to one another. So writers of fill-ins can slip into the universe quite easily, while it's much more difficult with Antonia Forest, whose world is much more dense and varied. Another novel amongst 59 others can slip in, while another after 10 originals stands out more. We've had so much of the Chalet world that as a reader I know roughly how EBD would address most situations. With Antonia Forest, it's much less clear-cut, and more surprising, so I think it will be hard for the author not to seem OOC.

  • Antonia Forest was a very good writer. EBD was a good story teller, but her writing is very imitable. I can read the EBD fill-ins quite happily (well, most of them) without being taken out of the world. It's going to be much more difficult to achieve that with AF-fic. I've often found longer length faithful fics to be a little hard for me to take, as they didn't quite get the voice and I didn't trust them to be telling me the story of these characters. Unreasonable, perhaps.

  • When GGBP started publishing Chalet fill-ins I didn't know about fanfiction really, and hadn't started to discover online fandom. Whereas now I read fic online, and have started to resent the idea of paying for it, when the best fic I've ever read is available for free. Which seems rather mean of me. On the one hand, it's part of liking fandom specifically. I've seen fanfic being referred to as like a gift relationship. On the other hand, why shouldn't I support women's work (and most fanfic is) financially?

  • It's not written by Ankaret. Which isn't exactly fair of me, because most of Ankaret's fics (especially the longer ones) aren't meant to be straight fanfic of the GGBP kind, and this is a very different kettle of fish. But while I don't think it's appropriate for Jareth the Goblin King to pop up in this novel, Term of Duty is so much the right voice that I can't really imagine it being equalled.

Actually, having now written down my objections to the idea, I'm rather looking forward to it. It won't be AF, and I might not find it to my liking, but it'll be interesting to see what someone else has thought about what might happen after Run Away Home. GGBP says it'll be published in July/August this year, but my experience of their previous publishing schedules leads me to scepticism.

Does anyone know the author? I'm not asking for any online IDs to be outed or anything, or even if she has them - just I don't know the name or if she's written anything else, and I'd be interested to know if anyone has come across her before.
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2010-07-02 05:50 pm

June Books

Ngaio Marsh - Death in Ecstacy
Sara Paretsky - Guardian Angel
Lee Child - Echo Burning
Keith Waterhouse - Mrs Pooter's Diary
Norma Klein - Going Backwards
Charles Butler - Calypso Dreaming
June Oldham - Enter Tom
Julian Barnes - England, England
Sylvia Edwards - Sally Baxter, Girl Reporter in Underwater Adventure
The Two Ronnies - But First: the news
Anthony Buckeridge - Jennings' Little Hut
Antonia Forest - Attic Term
KM Peyton - A Pattern of Roses
William Honey - Travel Courier in Spain
John Dos Passos - Manhattan Transfer
Armistead Maupin - Babycakes
Roddy Doyle - A Star Called Henry
Jane Duncan - My Friends the Hungry Generation
Beverly Cleary - Ramona Quimby, Age 8
Margaret Atwood - The Robber Bride
Lois McMaster Bujold - Shards of Honor
Lois McMaster Bujold - Barrayar
Paul Gallico - Mrs Harris Goes to New York
Beverly Cleary - Beezus and Ramona
Paul Gallico - Mrs Harris MP
Paul Gallico - Mrs Harris Goes to Russia
Paula Danziger - United Tates of America
Tessa Duder - Mercury Beach
Elizabeth Beresford - Diana in Television
Joe Bennett - A Land of Two Halves
Antonia Forest - Falconer's Lure

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2008-09-17 12:43 pm

That name some fictional characters meme

[ profile] antisoppist gave me R. It turns out that R is not a letter than crops up a lot in many of my likes and fandoms.

Rachel Conroy
From The Exiles and sequels by Hilary McKay. I love Rachel's utter inability to look nice for more than a moment, and her project to eat what they eat in books (belly pork!). I love that when she gets the sledge she wanted for Christmas she ignores all her other presents and then takes it to bed with her. I love that she steals her money back from the Post Office.

Rowan Marlow
Who is the second eldest daughter (third eldest child) in Antonia Forest's Marlow books. I think that Rowan would probably find me exasperating and somewhat low and heelish, but nonetheless I think she's pretty super. Especially leaving school at sixteen to take over the family farm, battling Cromwell on the train and taking Nicola for ices, and lipstick to fool the policeman when driving underage.

Arnold Rimmer
Without him, life would be so very much grimmer. He likes rules, even if he doesn't know them very well, and is a snivelling coward with huge issues about pretty much everything and an inability to pass exams.

She appears in the first episode of Blakes 7, where her main contribution is to inform anyone that will listen that the food and water is "laced with suppressants!". I have never forgotten this, nor the sorrow I felt when it turned out she wasn't one of the seven. She would have been great.

Wayne Ross
This is a character from the Canadian show Robson Arms. I have never seen the show, but I imagine that sometimes he gets called "Ross". The main thing you need to know is that he is played by Peter Deluise. According to the show website, he's a pathological liar. But undoubtedly a nice, slightly puppyish, friendly and kind one. Because he's played by Peter Deluise.
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2007-10-01 02:45 pm
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September Books

Shadow of a Sun- AS Byatt
What Maisie Knew - Henry James
Going Into Hospital - Althea
The Housewife Baby Book - Anne Cuthbert
The Moon's a Balloon - David Niven
Shakespeare and Co - Stanley Wells

This is a shorter list than usual because I am wading my way through Nicholas Nickleby. I am not not enjoying it, exactly, it's just that when I'm not reading it I don't miss the characters or really want to know what happens next.

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2007-09-01 11:43 am

August Books

These Old Shades - Georgette Heyer
1979 - Rhona Cameron
Evelyn Waugh - Selina Hastings
Miss Bugle Saw God in the Cabbages - Sara Yeomans
The English - Jeremy Paxman
Special Topics in Calamity Physics - Marisha Pessl
Black Swan Green - David Mitchell
All About Women - Taslima Nasreen
Bath Tangle - Georgette Heyer
Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady - Florence King
The British Museum is Falling Down - David Lodge
Why Shoot a Butler? - Georgette Heyer
Love is a Many-Trousered Thing - Louise Rennison
Atonement - Ian McEwan
Notes and Queries - Guardian
Tea and Tranquillisers: The Diary of a Happy Housewife - Diane Harpwood
Brighton Rock - Graham Greene
Franny and Zooey - JD Salinger
On the House - Simon Hoggart
This Real Night - Rebecca West
Night Race to Kawau - Tessa Duder

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2005-04-04 04:46 pm
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Random poll

I had an excellent discussion on Antonia Forest in the AF community [ profile] trennels yesterday, ranging from Kingscote's academic status to Karen's success or otherwise as Head Girl. You should all go and join. I've also been making notes for a paper I want to write on AF, after a comment in [ profile] brandnewgun's journal.

Today has not been overly productive work-wise, but I did manage to call estate agents in Lancaster to ask to be put on their mailing list for property, and got a ranges of responses from bubbly and optomistic to snooty about my chances of finding a non-Skerton property for such a meagre amount. I've also been chasing up references and honing my AHRB proposal. Should be sent off tomorrow. My supervisor has given me his reference in an unsealed envelope, I'm just waiting until everyone leaves (I'm working late tonight) and then I'm reading that baby.

Tomorrow I have an interview in the morning in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, so I get to have a late start from home. I've just about interviewed all the women I need, and I have my second interview with a male entrepreneur on Friday morning. Might just get this project done. Of course, it looks like one of the events is going to be a complete failure, although the others should be okay.

My computer is behaving itself much better now that it has a new power cord. While this is obviously fantastic, I'm a teeny bit sad that I don't get to go and buy myself a new computer. But I think I might get a DVD rewriter, as I don't have that much memory, and TMWRNJ is taking up a lot of space, as are the classic hignfy episodes.

Bored now. Therefore, a poll!
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