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2017-10-16 03:52 pm

Books July to September

An Awfully Big Adventure - Bainbridge, Beryl
My Louder Than life Story - Blessed, Brian
The Luminaries - Catton, Eleanor
Nemesis - Christie, Agatha
The Christmas Surprise - Colgan, Jenny
Little Beach Street Bakery - Colgan, Jenny
Pandora - Cooper, Jilly
Frost at Morning - Crompton, Richmal
To See Ourselves - Delafield, EM
A Winter Away - Fair, Elizabeth
Jeeves and the Wedding Bells - Faulkes, Sebastian
Sisters at the Chalet School - Fletcher, Amy
A Tiny Bit Marvellous - French, Dawn
Cotillion - Heyer, Georgette
The Sex Lives of Cannibals - Joost, Maarten
Dead Now, Of Course - Law, Phyllida
Company in the Evening - Orange, Ursula
Bewildering Cares - Peck, Winifred
Brownsea Silver - Peyton, KM
Winter Solstice - Pilcher, Rosamunde
Voices in Summer - Pilcher, Rosamunde
Whose Body - Sayers, Dorothy L
Outsider: Almost Always, Never Quite - Sewell, Brian
Hidden Figures - Shetterly, Margot Lee
Miss Melville Rides a Tiger - Smith, Evelyn E
Miss Melville Returns - Smith, Evelyn E
Wild Strawberries - Thirkell, Angela
The Headmistress - Thirkell, Angela
The Demon in the House - Thirkell, Angela
Private Enterprise - Thirkell, Angela
Pomfret Towers - Thirkell, Angela
Peace Breaks Out - Thirkell, Angela
Northbridge Rectory - Thirkell, Angela
Miss Bunting - Thirkell, Angela
Marling Hall - Thirkell, Angela
Jutland Cottage - Thirkell, Angela
Growing Up - Thirkell, Angela
Enter Sir Robert - Thirkell, Angela
Cheerfulness Breaks In - Thirkell, Angela
Before Lunch - Thirkell, Angela
August Folly - Thirkell, Angela
Ankle Deep - Thirkell, Angela
A Double Affair - Thirkell, Angela
Revenge Wears Prada - Weisenberg, Lauren

Yes, that is a lot of Thirkell. )
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2016-12-02 03:46 pm
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November books

Girls of Riyadh - Alsanea, Rajaa
The List - Bolouri, Joanna
Night School - Child, Lee
Terms & Conditions - Graham, Ysenda Maxtone
A Civil Contract - Heyer, Georgette
Independent People - Laxness, Halldor
The Spy Who Came In From the Cold - Le Carre, John
Beauty Tips for Girls - Montgomery, Margaret
Dear Committee Member - Schumacher, Julie
First Class Murder - Stevens, Robin
Thalia - Faviell, Frances
NW - Smith, Zadie
What Are Ya - Pausacker, Jenny
Keeping On Keeping On - Bennett, Alan
Frozen Charlotte - Bell, Alex
Dietland - Walker, Sarai
The Late Scholar - Walsh, Jill Paton
The Bookshop - Fitzgerald, Penelope
My Animals and Other Family - Balding, Clare

November Books. )
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2016-04-10 05:00 pm
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February books

Modern Romance - Aziz Ansari
I, Alan - Alan Partridge
The Junior Officers' Reading Club - Patrick Hennessey
Full Service - Scott Bowers
The Radleys - Matt Haig
The Other Side of the Story - Marian Keyes
The Tent, the Bucket and Me - Emma Kennedy

More men than usual, more non-fiction than usual.

February books. )
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2016-04-09 09:22 pm
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March books

The Exclusives - Rebecca Thornton
The Worst Journey in the World - Apsley Cherry-Garard
Amanda's Wedding - Jenny Colgan
Looking for Andrew - Jenny Colgan
Do You Remember The First Time - Jenny Colgan
The Siren - Kiera Cass
Working Wonders - Jenny Colgan
Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty
A Petrol Scented Spring - Ajay Close
Angels - Marian Keyes
Sex and Stravinsky - Barbara Trapido
The Accidental Woman - Jonathan Coe
Carry On - Rainbow Rowell
Briefs Encountered - Julian Clary
Puberty Blues - Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey
Score! - Jilly Cooper
Daughters-in-Law - Joanne Trollope
Shopaholic to the Stars - Sophie Kinsella
The Husband's Secret - Liane Moriarty
Talking to Addison - Jenny Colgan
700 Sundays - Billy Crystal
Wat Happened at Midnight - Courtney Milan
The Day Job - Terry Wogan

March books. )
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2015-11-14 12:12 am
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June books

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - John Le Carre
Five Children on the Western Front - Kate Saunders
The Bunner Sisters - Edith Wharton
The Last 10 Seconds - Simon Kernick
Hard Landing - Stephen Leather
Rough Justice - Simon Leather
Fishnet - Kirsten Innes
Remote Control - Andy McNab
Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky - Sandra Dallas
The Fat Boy Chronicles - Diane Lang
My Brilliant Friend - Elena Ferrante
Black Moth - Georgette Heyer
No Time Like the Past - Jodi Taylor
Deadline - Simon Kernick
Target - Simon Kernick
Ciao Asmara - Justin Hill
The Little Friend - Donna Tartt
Act of Will - AJ Hartley
Fat White Vampire - Andrew Fox

June books. )
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2015-05-03 06:18 pm
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February Books (from 2013)

I was trying to find an entry I'd half written, and came across my write-up of the books I read in February. February 2013, over two years ago. Everything was finished except mentioning The Corrections, so I'm adding it here now for a little bit of completeness.

The Corrections - Jonathan Franzen
The Piper's Son - Melina Marchetta
My Friends the Macleans - Jane Duncan
Mr Friend the Swallow - Jane Duncan
Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta
Love Marriage - V.V. Ganeshanantha
After Summer - Nick Earls
The Little Girls - Elizabeth Bowen
Judy's Triumph - Elisabeth Morley
The Accidental Proposal - Matt Dunn
Whipping Girl - Julia Serano
My Friend Sashie - Jane Duncan
My Friends the Misses Kindness - Jane Duncan
My Friends George and Tom - Jane Duncan
Angel Face - Norma Klein
Binny for Short - Hilary McKay

February 2013 books. )
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2014-07-02 11:04 am
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June books

What is the What - Dave Eggers
Wallflower at the Orgy - Nora Ephron
Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction - Sue Townsend
The Moomins and the Great Flood - Tove Jansson
Diary of a Provincial Lady - EM Delafield
We Have Always Lived in the Castle - Shirley Jackson
Life on the Edge - Jennifer Comeaux
The Provincial Lady's Diary - EM Delafield
The Provincial Lady Goes Further - EM Delafield
The Marlows and the Traitor - Antonia Forest
A Place of Greater Safety - Hilary Mantel
The Provincial Lady in America - EM Delafield
For Richer or Poorer - Victoria Coren
My Man Jeeves - PG Wodehouse

June books )
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2014-03-01 08:34 pm
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(no subject)

I went to a booksale with [ profile] katlinel at St Augustine Church. I bought a lot of books, because they were cheap, and I have given up even pretending that I'm not going to buy new books until my pile lessens. I was also enabled by my friend Alison being in charge of the till, and giving me a place to rest my books so I didn't really realise how many I had until the end. I got 20, and when we got there everything was half price, so my total was about £15.

Books I bought. )

I need to spend time reshelving and then taking photos for my phone so that I have an easily accessible up-to-date record of what I already have. I got behind on my cataloguing and now I can no longer be bothered to catch up. I am currently reading a rather depressing Elizabeth Jane Howard book, The Long View.

I am on level 160 of candy crush. I introduced my friend Rose to it while we were on holiday in Dublin and she was cursing me in between trying to get enough stripey ones.

I went with Cheers for my half hour television, and I might follow it up with Frasier. Then I remembered The Drew Carey Show, and someone recommended Corner Gas, so I might try that.

I'm trying one of those freeze-sprays to get rid of a wart that's been on my little finger for the best part of a decade. It's supposed to fall off within ten days of application. I am 7 days into my second application and it is not shifting. I'm only allowed to spray it on one more time, and I suspect that won't do the trick either. I guess then I go back to the doctor and ask them to slice it off with something sharp.
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2014-02-17 09:27 pm
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(no subject)

I think I posted before about the Broken Elements series by Mia Marshall - urban fantasy, where people have powers relating to the elements. If that's your sort of thing, they're currently 79p on Amazon (99c on the US one, I suppose) - here's the link.

If you like, you could recommend some ebooks for £2 or less in my comments, which would be great. I recently bought Farthing by Jo Walton because it was cheap, and really enjoyed it, and I'm working through St Mallory's Forever, which is not good but is still a school story. (Sam and Sarah would hate it because the introduction bangs on about how two of the authors are incredibly young. Though not as young as Jane whatsherface.)
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2013-12-03 11:07 am
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(no subject)

[ profile] katlinel asked what more stuff would you like to write about children's books?

There are two ideas I've had for a while. The first is something I wrote an essay about at university, but would quite like to revisit and do it properly, about the representation of WW2 women's services in children's books. The essay was about WW1, WW2, Falklands and Iraq wars (with a footnote about sheep), but it was too shallow and there's only really a lot of examples in WW2. Mostly I wrote then about the hierarchies, with very few Old Girls from school stories are in the ATS, which was not considered appropriate for nice girls.

The second is about tracing the changes from the beginning to end of the longer running series - Chalet School, Abbey Girls, Dimsie. When I first started thinking about this I was even more untheoretical than now, but I had had ideas about professionalisation ofof schools, and a change from "feminine" to "masculine" values. Mostly it would be a comparison, from the early 20th century, and the values and ambitions of the novels, to their finishing points after the authors had found success, been through a world war, and changed their characters to fit the times (or not changed them, and shoved them in a world of folk dancing and aristocrats). I don't know - I think that has been done in various forms already, and is probably not all that interesting at the heart of it. I'd still quite like to do something about the first and last novels in each series. Maybe more of a personal reading project than a writing thing.

I've just remembered an lj conversation ages and ages ago where [ profile] cangetmad came up with the title "funk and functionality" and I thought I could write something about fear in children's books, possibly the Marlow books iirc, but I am less sure about that. And somewhere I have a not even half finished spreadsheet containing information about what Chalet Girls do in their lessons and prep, and in what class. Fail to find predicates, mostly, I think.

Anyway, I don't think it very likely that I will write these, certainly not very soon. I am very bad at working off my own bat, so it would have to be spurred by a call for papers, and I don't look for those very often. But then I did like writing the class article, so maybe I will get to it some day.
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2013-10-13 03:05 pm
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Bookswap haul

I went to the bookswap yesterday, which Nuala hosted in her lovely house. I made cinnamon brownie muffins, which are chewy and rather nice, and tried to make mini doughnut muffins (milk-free), which were a failure. Today I might do some more baking and take it into work. I was going to make gammon and pear casserole, but I think it uses sweet potato, which I forgot to buy any of.

I was comparatively restrained and only came away with 9 books, one of which was knitting patterns, so doesn't even really count.


I feel I have a nice mix there. I recently went through my shelves to winnow down the amount on them, and took out all the ones I wouldn't want to either reread or refer back to or lend to someone else, or just have to have them. What I also did was take off all the things I want to keep but haven't read, and piled them up on the floor to have at hand. I'm trying to work through these before buying new books or rereading books. Here they are:


So that's 151 books I need to read (not including the separate books within one set of covers). I do want to read all of them, at some point, just... not as much as I want all the other books in the world as well.

Here are the books in more detail if you wanted to see. )

The bookswap also featured a yarnswap. There was a lot of beautiful yarn - I got some kidsilk haze, which I've never knitted with before, some light green merino, some lovely Chilean variegated alpaca, and enough gold silk yarn and beads to make an amazing beaded shawl. Now I have sorted through all my yarn (something I should probably have done properly beforehand), and I really, really have to start some projects. I have three aborted projects to finish frogging, and a cardigan that I have been stalled on for FIVE MONTHS. The pattern is wrong, and I'm at the same bit for the fifth time of starting where I have finished the chart, and I need to start calculating for bust darts, but it's also the bit where I'll find out if it's too big AGAIN and probably have to start again. I was determined not to let the pattern beat me, but I'm not sure I can bear starting again.

So in order to get back in to knitting I think I'm going to start an entirely new project to get me back into the swing of it. Unfortunately my ravelry browsing has mostly led me to patterns I love for yarn I don't have, and that is not at all the point.

Maybe I could make these pretty fingerless mitterns, probably in some fyperspates sparkly sock yarn I got in the yarn swap [ profile] anglaisepaon ran a few years ago. Or does anyone have an idea of what I could make with 1300m of Kidsilk haze? or 800m of drops Alpaca? or 700m of merino fingering? or, ooh, 1500m of dk linen? THERE IS TOO MUCH CHOICE AND NEVER ENOUGH YARN.
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2013-10-11 03:24 pm
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May Books

Betty of Turner House - Joanna Lloyd
Woman at Point Zero - Nawal El Saadawi
Belinda - Rhoda Broughton
Bring Up the Bodies - Hilary Mantel
The Children - Edith Wharton
Sinking, Stealing - Jan Clausen
Night Birds on Nantucket - Joan Aiken
An Abundance of Katherines - John Green

May books. )
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2013-07-10 05:45 pm
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Book meme

Another meme, though this one I found on friendsfriends rather than back in the midst of time. Given my propensity for memes and books, it's likely I'll have written about these quite a lot before, but never mind, eh?

A nice long book meme. )
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2013-07-06 01:31 pm
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(no subject)

[ profile] sabethea spoke wistfully of that meme where you take a photo of your bookshelves, so I thought I would continue my spate of inconsequential posts with my current shelves. I show off my proper ones all the time, but this is what I have in Brussels.

Bookshelf is ugly, books are beautiful. )

The first shelf is read until you get to Lessing, then Lessing to Undercurrents is in progress, and everything else (apart from the Guttenburg bible and the Hodgson Burnett biography) are unread. Of those unread, 20 are books I brought out with me at the start (I brought 50 altogether, I think, all books that I owned and hadn't already read, in some case having owned for over a decade and not read), and others are acquired in Brussels, in Amsterdam (a goodly amount) and in the UK on visits back. The pile of books at the end are French books bought with more hope than expectation of reading. The Persephone book is Heat Lightning by Helen Hull, about Suffragettes. I need to move everything back in 3 weeks, and there are only three I don't want to keep (the first three on the top shelf, if anyone wants to claim).

It is probably uncouth to urge, but I LOVE looking at other people's books, so if anyone else wanted to post theirs I would be most grateful.
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2013-07-01 11:34 am
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June Books

Paying Guest in Siberia - Maria Hadow
The Guttenberg Bible - Steve Guttenberg
Bossypants - Tina Fey
Toujours Cricklewood? - Alan Coren
The Rehearsal - Eleanor Catton
Bad Girls Don't Die - Katie Alender
Waiting for the Party - Ann Thwaite
The Sara Summer - Mary Downing Hahn
Woman Alive! - Nelle McFather
Seducers in Ecuador and The Heir - Vita Sackville-West
Fearless Fourteen - Janet Evanovich
Les Girls - Constance Tomkinson
Heartburn - Nora Ephron

June Books. )
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2013-06-12 04:56 pm
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March Books

The Girls of Canby Hall: Roommates: Emily Chase
Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantel
Internal Affairs - Jill Tweedie
Travels with a Pram and Hot Flush and the Toy Boy - Sara Yeomans
The Lovers of Pound Hill - Mavis Cheek
Domestic Arrangements - Norma Klein
The Fault in our Stars - John Green
The Diaries of Jane Somers - Doris Lessing
Bluestockings - Jane Robinson
Mostly Good Girls - Leila Sales

March Books. )

I wish I hadn't got my book posts out of order. When I manage to get my old laptop's hard drive out I can retrieve those posts.
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2013-05-02 01:47 pm
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April Books

Thank You For The Days - Mark Radcliffe
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase - Joan Aiken
Tehran, Lipstick and Loopholes - Nahal Tajadod
Babel Tower - AS Byatt
The Moth Diaries - Rachel Klein
The Perilous Life of Jade Yeo - Zen Cho
The Camomile - Catherine Carswell
The Worry Girl - Andrea Freud Loewenstein

I have missed three months of books this year, partly because my computer died and took two months' worth of writing about it with it, and I have yet not been able to either rescue it or duplicate the work. But at some point I shall.

April books. )
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2013-02-19 10:09 pm
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2012 books

In 2012 I read 144 books, of which 12 were rereads. (And one book I read twice within the year.) This comprised 8 non-fiction books, 62 adult fiction books, and 74 children's books. Here are previous years, for comparison:

2011 - 92, 1 reread
2010 - 184, 13 rereads
2009 - 123, 23 rereads
2008 - 126, 17 rereads
2007 - 133, 3 rereads
2006 - 224, 35 rereads
2005 - 244, 26 rereads

So working back up again after a very low 2011. However, quite a few of these books were from the Sweet Dreams series, which are very short and readable, and indeed only took me my half hour lunch break. But then this year I didn't finish any books at all in November, mostly because I was studying for an exam and being uncharacteristically diligent about that. My favourite books of 2012 were The Gender Delusion, the Elfrida Vipont series starting with Lark in the Morn, The Crow Road (though I've since read another Iain Banks that was very similar and makes me a bit hmm), Balthasar's Odyssey and A Long Way from Verona.

At the end of last year I said that I wanted to get back into writing monthly book posts again (in 2011 I kept track but mostly made larger dumps with fewer write-ups), which I am pleased to have mostly done. There were several months when I wrote and posted late, but it was all done. I would like to keep doing that in 2013. I would like to finish at least one book in French. I would like to read at least 30 books that I already own and have not yet read. (I orignally had that as 50, but I thought I would be realistic.) I'm packing up quite a lot of books to take to Brussels, and looking forward to reading Binny for Short, which is the new Hilary McKay book, and Wolf Hall, which is by that DREADFUL woman who DARED to criticise a beautiful princess. I had steered clear of Wolf Hall because the title made me think it might be set in a school or similar institution, and I was cross that it wasn't. (I had a similar prejudice against The Finkler Question whose cover looked to me like a checked schooldress hanging under a straw hat.) Also I am not hugely big on historical fiction, but several people who like books I like have raved about it, so I'm going to give it a go.
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2012-12-18 02:54 pm
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October Books

Three's a Crowd - Alison Dale (Sweet Dreams)
Too Young for Love - Gailanne Maravel (Sweet Dreams)
Her Secret Self - Rhondi Vilott (Sweet Dreams)
Dead Man's Cove - Lauren St John
The Hawkwood War - Ankaret Wells
My Friend Flora - Jane Duncan
My Friend Madame Zora - Jane Duncan
A Wreath for the Enemy - Pamela Frankau
The Young Artists - Constance M White
The New Girl - Emily Perkins
My Friend Cousin Emmie - Jane Duncan
My Friends the Mrs Millers - Jane Duncan

October books. )
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2012-10-10 12:34 pm
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August Books

Brighter than the Sun - Julia Quinn
Nancy, Canadian Schoolgirl - Phillis Garrard
Broken Elements - Mia Marshall
Summer Term - Susan Pleydell
Corsets and Camoflage - Kate Adie
The Ballad and the Source - Rosamund Lehmann
A Young Man's Fancy - Susan Pleydell
Friends, Lovers, Chocolate - Alexander McCall Smith
Love is in the Air - Diana Gregory (Sweet Dreams)
Te Amo Means I Love You - Deborah Kent (Sweet Dreams)
Ask Annie - Suzanne Rand (Sweet Dreams)

August Books. )

[ profile] whatho told me about the Amazon Vine programme, where if you write respected reviews for them then they GIVE YOU FREE STUFF. I want free stuff, so I hve been starting to write reviews on amazon. If you see the reviews and find them helpful, then you could perhaps click the button that says that they are helpful, which propells me up the rankings. (I don't know how the Vine programme works, but I assume that being higher than 38,262 would be a good start. I would be higher, but quite a lot of people didn't find my brief excoriation of Ellie Levenson very helpul.) So if you had the time and the inclination then you could go to look at my amazon reviews. If you have reviews I will assess their helpfulness too!