Oct. 10th, 2012

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Brighter than the Sun - Julia Quinn
Nancy, Canadian Schoolgirl - Phillis Garrard
Broken Elements - Mia Marshall
Summer Term - Susan Pleydell
Corsets and Camoflage - Kate Adie
The Ballad and the Source - Rosamund Lehmann
A Young Man's Fancy - Susan Pleydell
Friends, Lovers, Chocolate - Alexander McCall Smith
Love is in the Air - Diana Gregory (Sweet Dreams)
Te Amo Means I Love You - Deborah Kent (Sweet Dreams)
Ask Annie - Suzanne Rand (Sweet Dreams)

August Books. )

[livejournal.com profile] whatho told me about the Amazon Vine programme, where if you write respected reviews for them then they GIVE YOU FREE STUFF. I want free stuff, so I hve been starting to write reviews on amazon. If you see the reviews and find them helpful, then you could perhaps click the button that says that they are helpful, which propells me up the rankings. (I don't know how the Vine programme works, but I assume that being higher than 38,262 would be a good start. I would be higher, but quite a lot of people didn't find my brief excoriation of Ellie Levenson very helpul.) So if you had the time and the inclination then you could go to look at my amazon reviews. If you have reviews I will assess their helpfulness too!


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