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I got this from [personal profile] nanila, who among other things I am reminded of when I hear about space.

Let’s do a meme! Pop a comment below, and I’ll either tell you something that always makes me think of you, or tell you something that one of the recent public posts on your journal reminds me of.

If you can’t think of what to say in your comment, just put a “.” or your username.

If you want my reply to you to be private, put “private please” in your comment and I’ll screen it, which will make it and all replies visible only to you and me (though others will be able to see your initial comment until I see your request for privacy).

I like this idea because I have previously reflected on how much I enjoy having associations with people, so I have links to Lyndon B Johnson, wolves, Rebecca West, and a whole host of other things,
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An English Country Manner - Clark, Rory
Summer Term at Malory Towers - Cox, Pamela
The Theban Mysteries - Cross, Amanda
Pigs Can Fly - Cryer, Barry
Alice - Eliot, Elizabeth
The Trouble With Women - Fleming, Jacky
Theatrical - Harcourt, Maggie
The Adults - Hulse, Caroline
The Skylark War - McKay, Hilary
Debutante - Melville, Anne
Everything I Never Told You - Ng, Celeste
An Unsuitable Attachment - Pym, Barbara
I Ordered a Table for Six - Streatfeild, Noel
East of Wimbledon - Williams, Nigel
Lucia on Holiday - Fraser-Sampson, Guy
Marriages are Made in Bond Street - Halson, Penrose
Venetia - Heyer, Georgette
Our Game - Le Carre, John
The Echoing Grove - Lehman, Rosamund
My Mother Was Nuts - Marshall, Penny
Dirty Nothern Bastards and other tales from the terraces - Marshall, Tim
Bumped - McCafferty, Megan
Clinging to the Wreckage - Mortimer, John
Troublemaker -Remini, Leah
Olivia - Strachey, Dorothy
Coming Up Trumps -Trumpington, Jean
Educated -Westover, Tara

January and February books. )
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Some ART. )

Next I have to work out where to put them, probably in the living room where my two larger paintings are, and of course my Greg Davies cut out (the most beautiful art of all), but the postcard sized ones in my own room. The Persephone bookmarks, when I have all of them done, probably need a blank strech of wall to be places down one on top of the other.
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I'm pretty sure the subtext of the conversation I just had with the embassy was "we had entirely forgotten to process your visa until your call made us look in the random pile of passports on the desk", but the text was that I should get my visa on Friday, which means that a) I do actually get to go, and b) I can actually leave the flat for a few days instead of waiting fruitlessly for the postman to ring even once.
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One thing that makes me post less is that I don't know of an easy way to insert photos into Dreamwidth. I mean, I know it can be done, and I have done it, but sometimes I think "oh, I could post this" and then think I've got to log into flickr, remember which bit of code goes where, preview it severl times until I've got it right, and finally post, by which time the moment has often passed.

This is currently preventing you all from viewing the supparating sore (probably just a spot) on my cheek, so swings and roundabouts, probably.
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For Christmas my sister gave me one of those foot mask things where you wear it for an hour and two days later all your skin falls off. Maybe not all of your skin, just the bit of it you've already used and is boring. I have quite nice feet (I was told by a foot fetishist once, though he may just have been trying to continue access) so I don't think there'll be a dramatic difference, but I'm looking forward to being super super smooth.

Visit to Dundee. )

Also left behind: my phone, on the train. No train station lost property has had it handed in, which does not bode well. However, because I have whatsapp web active, I can see that it is still connected to 4g so hasn't been found and stripped for parts, so I have some hope that it will show up in the next few days. I'll try the lost property offices again tomorrow. I am fairly sanguine about the loss, but wish I had had my photos backed up. I also keep going to pick up my phone to play Polytopia and being sad that I can't.
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I have just finished reading Danny Baker's autobiographies, and thought "oh, I haven't done a book post in months, I should start again", and it turns out that it is a literal year since I last posted the books I read. So here is a year's worth of my reading - in alphabetical order rather than order of reading.

119. )

To start - Danny Baker is someone I knew from the telly during what he calls his "ubiquitous period", and that he was generally thought to do smashing radio, that I had never heard. I started with the latest book, about his experience of and recovery from mouth cancer, and enjoyed the writing so very much - in staying up way past when I should be sleeping for just one more chapter - I bought the other two immediately. I understand that Amazon kindle deals aren't great for literary economies, but their 99p books have been very kind to me for getting books I otherwise would not have thought of (see also Bruce Dickinson's autobiography).

I bought a collected edition of all EM Delafield's writing, but found Gay Life rather stodgy going, so defected in the middle to read "just a bit" of the Provincial Lady and whizzed through them all. It was a struggle not to go straight back to the beginning when I finished Wartime.

I enjoyed Unconventional, which is a young adult romance(ish) set in the world of sci fi convention planning, mostly for teh details of what goes into planning and running a con.

I now only have one (I think) Barsetshire novel remaining to read. I enjoyed them all! I think because I was prewarned by [personal profile] spiralsheep that they suffered in both writing and morals, I was able to keep at it and just enjoy immersing into the world of the characters.
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I have two skinned knees despite being an actual adult, acquired on different occasions. One of them used to have a beauty of a scab developing on it. A few days ago I looked at it, considered peeling it, and then decided that it wasn't quite ready and it would be more satisfying with another day or two to develop. Then I promptly caught it on a loose thread in the sheet and caused myself immense pain and completely lost the job of picking a scab.

I have begun to believe it might actually be illegal for a toilet in Guam to have a seat that fits it. But that is better than the squat toilets, which I never have got the hang of. I don't have the thigh muscles. Nor, it turns out, urinary directional control, which I discovered after weeing on my own foot. Sadly, I will be spending more time in one of the field offices (code name Isabel) where it is squat toilets or nothing. I attempted to choose nothing, but nearly burst in the night.

I am very grateful to [personal profile] jekesta and [personal profile] antisoppist whose enthusiasm for Taskmaster led me to download all the old series. I watched my way very very happily through them and am now loving the current series. I also downloaded the US series which suffered in comparison. I liked most of the people on it apart from Lisa Lampinelli whom I did not enjoy at all. I suspect I might like it more in later series when they have their own tasks and can make it more their own thing. But it doesn't suit half an hour at all, and while I like Reggie Watts I miss the dictatorial whimsey of Greg.
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Work restructuring drama got even worse and I am so angry.

I am watching Desperate Housewoves, up to the end of season 5. Tom is SO WHINY and idiotic. How does anyone bear him? Also I wish the show weren't so casual about statutory rape.
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I have elected not to go and look round Erbil today (my plan yesterday) in favour of lying on my bed in my pants, watching sitcoms and knitting.

Around ten minutes ago a man walked past my second storey window, because it turns out the balconies in this hotel connect. I froze belatedly and then was thankful that he seemed not to have seen me.

He came back a few minutes ago and has seemingly settled in for some sort of work outside my room. I have recalcitrantly put on a top, and resent it most awfully.
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If I were less petty/suspicious, I might not have assumed my housemates keep turning the heating off when I am cold, and instead learned how the boiler actually works and set it up properly instead of just turning it on for an hour at a time and then getting sad that my toes were frozen.
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Happy new year! I am in El Salvador on a whistle stop group tour through Central America. I am not sold on the group tour aspect (individually most people are lovely but as a group the 20 somethings are apt to lapse into tedious single entendres and loud forced laughter which I do not enjoy one bit) but it is relaxing not to have to make plans and just get on a bus when told to without trying to speak Spanish.

I am looking up the hotel I think we'll be staying in next, and the website has its Trip Advisor review headlines in the side. These are the most recent:

Nice relaxing beach place!

This has made me quite excited to see such a divisive place.

On another note, anyone have a recommendation for a desktop (not phone/tablet) podcast management thing? I want it to download episodes of things I tell it to automatically and that's mostly it. If it also synched across android devices that would be a bonus but the desktop stuff is the main thing. Podcast Republic seems to get good press but personal recs would be appreciated.
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I am going to be in London from 5th-19th November. I'm doing French class in the mornings, and then some of my afternoons and most of my evenings are going to be free - if you are in/around London and would like to meet up, do say!
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An Awfully Big Adventure - Bainbridge, Beryl
My Louder Than life Story - Blessed, Brian
The Luminaries - Catton, Eleanor
Nemesis - Christie, Agatha
The Christmas Surprise - Colgan, Jenny
Little Beach Street Bakery - Colgan, Jenny
Pandora - Cooper, Jilly
Frost at Morning - Crompton, Richmal
To See Ourselves - Delafield, EM
A Winter Away - Fair, Elizabeth
Jeeves and the Wedding Bells - Faulkes, Sebastian
Sisters at the Chalet School - Fletcher, Amy
A Tiny Bit Marvellous - French, Dawn
Cotillion - Heyer, Georgette
The Sex Lives of Cannibals - Joost, Maarten
Dead Now, Of Course - Law, Phyllida
Company in the Evening - Orange, Ursula
Bewildering Cares - Peck, Winifred
Brownsea Silver - Peyton, KM
Winter Solstice - Pilcher, Rosamunde
Voices in Summer - Pilcher, Rosamunde
Whose Body - Sayers, Dorothy L
Outsider: Almost Always, Never Quite - Sewell, Brian
Hidden Figures - Shetterly, Margot Lee
Miss Melville Rides a Tiger - Smith, Evelyn E
Miss Melville Returns - Smith, Evelyn E
Wild Strawberries - Thirkell, Angela
The Headmistress - Thirkell, Angela
The Demon in the House - Thirkell, Angela
Private Enterprise - Thirkell, Angela
Pomfret Towers - Thirkell, Angela
Peace Breaks Out - Thirkell, Angela
Northbridge Rectory - Thirkell, Angela
Miss Bunting - Thirkell, Angela
Marling Hall - Thirkell, Angela
Jutland Cottage - Thirkell, Angela
Growing Up - Thirkell, Angela
Enter Sir Robert - Thirkell, Angela
Cheerfulness Breaks In - Thirkell, Angela
Before Lunch - Thirkell, Angela
August Folly - Thirkell, Angela
Ankle Deep - Thirkell, Angela
A Double Affair - Thirkell, Angela
Revenge Wears Prada - Weisenberg, Lauren

Yes, that is a lot of Thirkell. )
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Good thing!

American TV is back for the autumn, and today is the return of The Middle and Black-ish, both of which are reliable faves, and also two new shows that will probably not be great, but who knows? The exciting newness is the journey!

Hmm thing!

I went to see a doctor yesterday about my shoulder, and although he confirmed that there's almost certainly not anything big wrong, he also couldn't do anything except give me a leftover half-tube of topical cream, and tell me to keep on taking the ibuprofen that does nothing.. That seems to be helping a bit, though it might just be a placebo.

Huh thing!

I am still rather obsessed with Pappy's, and they have featured in my dreams for the last week. This is sort of nice, because I luff them and it is nice to have them around, but the dreams themselves are weird and frustrating, and I just wake up sad that it's not real.

Argh thing!

I did some washing last night, and set the dryer to go for an hour. When I returned, it was flashing tht it had stopped after 15 minutes and apparently needed the water collector emptying. So I did, set it again, and went back to my room. When I returned THIS time, the exact same thing had happened, and then again... so I have damp clothes hanging around my room and not getting noticeably less damp.
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If you search on Idealist for jobs with the keyword "gender", the first two that come up are for the International Potato Centre and the African Cashew Alliance. They actually sound really interesting jobs, but not quite what I want to do. Herewith a very witty comment I made to a friend who wondered if potatoes have gender: "the ones with lashes are female". (Because potatoes have eyes DO YOU SEEEEEE?)

Have any of you ever bought anything from duty free on an airplane? I suppose if I actually wore perfume or had expensive tastes in alcohol or hideous taste in jewellery I might, but as it is I quite fancy a go on one of the children's toy planes and the rest seems an utter waste of magazine space.

If any of you like to buy non-Kindle e-books, and haven't already got a Kobo account, would you let me invite you to it? You get a free £3 credit when you sign up (for use on books over £3), and if you decide to use that, then I get some money too. It would keep me in Angela Thirkell books, which is what I am currently going through. I've run out of the non-terrible ones at faded page so need to expend actual money for the rest.
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Here We Go Round - Allan, Mabel Esther
Judith Teaches - Allan, Mabel Esther
According to Queeney - Bainbridge, Beryl
Happy Valley - Best, Nicholas
The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend - Blvald, Katarina
After You With the Pistol - Bonfiglioli, Kyril
Kick: The True Story - Byrne, Paula
The Shooting Party - Colegate, Isabel
Little Beach Street Bakery - Colgan, Jenny
Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop of Dreams - Colgan, Jenny
Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe - Colgan, Jenny
Operation Sunshine - Colgan, Jenny
The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris - Colgan, Jenny
Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe - Colgan, Jenny
Easily Distracted - Coogan, Steve
Apassionata - Cooper, Jilly
The Holiday - Crompton, Richmal
The Fishing Fleet: Husband-hunting in the Raj - De Courcy, Anne
The Peppered Moth - Drabble, Margaret
The Native Heath - Fair, Elizabeth
Seaview House - Fair, Elizabeth
The Mingham Air - Fair, Elizabeth
Landscape in Sunlight - Fair, Elizabeth
Bramton Wick - Fair, Elizabeth
A Winter Away - Fair, Elizabeth
The Dancing Bear - Faviell, Frances
A Harp in Lowndes Square - Ferguson, Rachel
The Princess Diarist - Fisher, Carrie
Offshore - Fitzgerald, Penelope
Love Plus One - Friday, PA
The Durrells of Corfu - Haag, Michael
Operation Tabarin - Haddelsey, Stephen & Carroll, Alan
To the Poles Without a Beard - Hartley, Catharine
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine - Honeyman, Gail
Something in Disguise - Howard, Elizabeth Jane
The Uninvited Guests - Jones, Sadie
Fear of Dying - Jong, Erica
Swimming - Keegan, Nicola
Diplomatic Baggage - Keenan, Brigid
My Not So Perfect Life - Kinsella, Sophie
The Nanny Returns - Kraus, Nicole & McLaughlin, Emma
Dedication - Kraus, Nicole & McLaughlin, Emma
West with the Night - Markham, Beryl
No Wonder I Take a Drink - Marney, Laura
Begin Again - Orange, Ursula
Tom Tiddler's Ground - Orange, Ursula
Travelling to Work 1988-98 - Palin, Michael
Sleeping Tiger - Pilcher, Rosamunde
Another View - Pilcher, Rosamunde
Anatomy of a Misfit - Portes, Andrea
Bonkers - Saunders, Jennifer
Britannia Mews - Sharp, Margery
Forever Geek - Smale, Holly
Mr Rosenbaum's List - Solomons, Natasha
And the Rest is History - Taylor, Jodi
Balancing Act - Trollope, Joanna
If You Ask Me - White, Betty

Books March to June. )
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When I shaved my head for the first time I noticed how much hair doesn't grow uniformly, with little bits poking out here and there. So I am not surprised that this holds true for hair on my body, but I am somewhat bemused that the hair on my crotch is inching its way slowly down my thigh... but only on one side. Encroachng hirsuitness - fine. Asymmetry - really irritating.
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Free Rein
A coming-of-age story about an American teenager, Zoe, and her summer of intrigue in the English countryside. During her stay at Bright Field Stables, 15-year-old Zoe's life changes forever when she meets the mysterious horse Raven, whose friendship gives Zoe the strength to deal with issues and explore new relationships. Faced with personal and physical challenges at every turn, Zoe's inspirational journey will show audiences that life is all about failing - and learning to pick yourself up again.

Teenagers! Americans discovering England! A possibly magic horse!!!!

Also, "summer of intrigue in the English countryside" = Midsomer Murders cross-over, surely?
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Stewart Lee sent out an email urging people not to vote Tory (though if anyone was preaching to the converted...), and then immediately followed it up with the same email as written by Pliny, a character from This Morning With Richard, Not Judy and it has made me swell with such happy mid-90s nostalgia.

I have just finished the third volume of Michael Palin's diaries (and realise I haven't done a book post for months). These cover 88-98, and the regular recording of the IRA bombs, especially in London, was very striking. I'd read the first volume a while ago, but skipped the second (not deliberately, I just found v3 on a library sale shelf so got that) and now very much want to get back to that.


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