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slemslempike ([personal profile] slemslempike) wrote2017-03-30 09:54 am

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Last night I dreamt that the Antarctica people had emailed me (in real life no news) and said that they would shortlist me on the proviso that I could show them some of my poetry that I'd apparently talked about in my application form. I tried to get away with giving them a short story I'd written when I was thirteen, but that wasn't recent enough.

Also last night I used hair removal cream on my bikini line (as I found some when I was going through a box to see what to pack and what to throw/donate and thought "ooh, I'll be doing some swimming when I'm back in Southampton, I could use this to get rid of what someone on Mumsnet amused me by calling "knicker spiders""), got slightly too enthusiastic and had to sleep with a hefty helping of savlon covering my anus as it was rather sore.