Mar. 11th, 2010 02:47 pm
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I went shopping this morning and bought:

some hair dye
a maternity dress (this is not an Announcement, it is pretty, has room for my belly, and was in a charity shop)
some new glasses (using my JSA voucher, and they came with a free pair of prescription sunglasses too)

What have you bought in the last week? Other than groceries, rent and bills. I am curious about your purchases though.

Tonight I am going to the campus comedy thing, and Jon Richardson is headlining. I think he is one of the funniest people currently working. Also I have been mildly obsessed with him for about three years now. In any case, I am very pleased. Andi Osho is also going to be there, apparently, and Jimmy McGhie who I've never heard of. I thought Andi Osho was good on MTW.

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I missed this in the Biannually, so I figured some of you may well have done so too. And if you're in London you could go to their party on Thursday and make me very jealous. But! We can ALL of us benefit from their 3 for 2 offer online. Except those of us who are not meant to be buying books. Although maybe those of us who are not meant to be buying books could make an exception because they are PERSEPHONE books, and it is really like saving money to get one FREE, even if there are at least five beautiful grey-jacketed in your not-yet-read pile, it doesn't ever hurt to have more Persephone books.

Anyway: tenth birthday celebrations and online offer for Persephone:

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I had an absolutely lovely weekend in Stratford-upon-Avon with [ profile] terriem and [ profile] felinitykat. We had accidentally, but fortuitously, timed our visit to coincide with an annual fair. So after we had visited Shakespeare's grave, walked along the picturesque river (carrying out experiments on ducks and candy floss, and learning that locals refer to the recreation ground as "the rec"), paid 50p to cross a very small stretch of river on the chain ferry (in the middle of the very small stretch of river Terrie announced that it was a very good business plan, which it probably is), and looked at posh frocks, we went on the waltzers.

This was BRILLIANT. We were the oldest by a good ten years, I'd say, and we screamed because we wanted to go faster, waved our hands in the air, were spun violently by a bored-looking man smoking a cigarette and giggled incessantly through the whole thing. We also went to the Falstaff Experience, where we peered cautiously through curtains, failed to summon the devil, learnt interesting facts and were scared by an unexpected man. At the end there was somewhere where you could buy old pennies and use them to play old slot machines. There was a scary wobbling face, various ping-type things, a fortune teller and one I loved where you used a hammer to fling the penny through the air to a wishing well. I won lots on that.


Our guest house was lovely, and no-one snored.

All my ebay items finished, and I am just waiting for one cheque to come in. I made £90 (though 20% of that goes to charities). The only things that didn't sell were the t-post shirts, and I was fairly sure that they wouldn't anyway. Woo! I am feeling quite bereft at no longer having anything to check on my ebay. I'm leaving the £90 in my paypal account because I just use it for ebaying anyway. Now I need to spend a few hours sorting out my Scottish Government expenses, and my departmental claims. And teaching contracts. We still don't have them yet (two weeks in...) and we don't know what the level of pay will be. And I keep forgetting that I'll be paid for the lecturing I'm doing too, though I have absolutely no idea what the going rate is for
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I technically really like GraphJam, but in practice what happens is that I get quietly infuriated by the graphs which are clearly using an inappropriate format, or haven't labelled their axes, or are just WRONGLY DIVIDED, and have to go somewhere else for a while.

I won my boots. Yay?

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I was, onestercreep, doing work this afternoon, but I was working from an e-book and now the library portal is down for maintainance, so I am thwarted. Clearly I can't instead read one of the many physical tomes right in front of me, or write up my notes, or play around with EndNote instead. That would be madness.


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