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Domestic Science. )

Nakedy Nudes. )

Comedy Death. )

Sarah Campbell. )

Mark Thomas. )

Turns out I saw 53 shows altogether this year.
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Is licquorice much more popular than I imagine, or is this some kind of DISS?


The original post's tagged "I like them all", but licquorice??? Really? I am baffled by that being (apparently) used to represent a flavour it would be hard to choose between. Cookies and Cream and Choc Mint I think are both flavours that I would recognise as generally being considered lovely, but licquorice is HORRIBLE. (Am I wrong? Is liquorice an acknowledged flavour of loveliness?) I think I'd use something like Chocolate Fudge Brownie as the third, if I were going around making ice-cream based comparisons to DeLuises. Special enough to convey that it's great, generic enough that it's a clear people-pleaser even if its not your personal preference... undivisive. Surely the DeLuises aren't divisive?

Fringe, physical activity. )

Fringe 1

Aug. 3rd, 2013 10:36 pm
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It's been a more restrained than usual preview session of the Fringe for me. This is partly because I have booked lots of things for the weekends when people are here with me, so I don't need to do so much at the beginning, and partly because this year there seem to be fewer things I'm really desperately excited about, so I can fit them all in. Most of these (apart from the penultimate and ante-penultimate ones) I chose to see because they were in the £1 members offer from the Stand. I didn't really write at all about the shows I saw last year, and I found that I missed being able to remember the bits, so I wanted to try and write about more this year. They're really not reviews as such, just things I thought while seeing them. Recurring themes in shows this year (so far) are feminism, and the performers undressing.

Katie Mulgrew. )

Nadia Kamil. )

Mary Bourke. )

Mike Wozniak. )

Sally-Anne Hayward. )

Ban This Filth! )

Festival of the Spoken Nerd. )

Brendon Burns. )

Hannah Gadsby. )

David Morgan. )

Tomorrow: Domestic Science, Hannah Gadsby's art show, Comedy Death, Eric Lampaert, Mark Thomas.
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I am pleased, if surprised, that I've managed to keep up with naarmamo so far, even if I'm not managing to post to the community. This week was Fringe previews, so lots of it is somewhat loose renderings of comedians.

Stick figures galore. )

I was cross to be awoken by the smoke alarm this morning, assuming one of my housemates was cooking without the wit to close the door and open the window. However, it turns out that actually there's a leak above the smoke alarm in the kitchen, which is now constantly beeping, and the ones in our rooms occasionally have sympathy spasms and shriek for attention. Apparently a Man is coming. I will be out seeing Wil Hodgson.
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I have seen very few things this year, and although I have one more thing lined up, I should really try not to see any more, even though it pains me to do so, because of no money.

Nat Luurtsema )

Stewart Lee )

Jon Richardson )

Comedy Countdown )

Daniel Kitson )

Kevin Eldon )

Silver Stewbilee )
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This week our pub quiz team did not get any money, but I did win us a gallon of beer by knowing to within 3 how many episodes there have been of Have I Got News for You.

Sean Hughes. )

Campus Comedy. )

Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150. )


Mar. 11th, 2010 02:47 pm
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I went shopping this morning and bought:

some hair dye
a maternity dress (this is not an Announcement, it is pretty, has room for my belly, and was in a charity shop)
some new glasses (using my JSA voucher, and they came with a free pair of prescription sunglasses too)

What have you bought in the last week? Other than groceries, rent and bills. I am curious about your purchases though.

Tonight I am going to the campus comedy thing, and Jon Richardson is headlining. I think he is one of the funniest people currently working. Also I have been mildly obsessed with him for about three years now. In any case, I am very pleased. Andi Osho is also going to be there, apparently, and Jimmy McGhie who I've never heard of. I thought Andi Osho was good on MTW.

[Poll #1536801]
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On Thursday we went to see Julian Clary. He was very lovely, and he sang to us, which I enjoyed. He also did impressions of Paul O'Grady and entered on rollerskates. He made a young man from the audience come and take them off for him, and then became agitated because he was blocking the audience's view of him. In the second half he was dressed as a ringmaster, and did psychic stuff with two men from the audience, which was rather sweet.

On Friday I went to see Back to the Future II, which the Dukes were showing as part of their 80s thing. Tickets were £2, and it was very lovely. I think I've only ever seen II once before, so most of it awswas a loveyl surprise to see again. I liked "this time it's really really personal" for the Jaws film, and how neatly they used the 80s theme bar. I was less taken with being reminded how they attempted to mind-wipe Jennifer, then knocked her out and left her alone and unconscious in various places. But Michael J Fox playing his own daughter was very sweet. And it was in 2015, which is practically now, and I do not have a hoverboard.

On Saturday I went to Manchester to see [ profile] irrtum. I had found out that Urbis is closing at the end of the month (to become the National Football Museum) so we went there. I'd never been before, and I am kicking myself now because it was great. We saw two of their exhibits, one looking back at their best successes, and one about Manchester and television. In the best of there was a series of boxes glued together that you could stick your head in and look at different dioramas, and a show of youth manifestos (Rachel and I were rather dubious about some of them). The TV one was great, talking about Granada as acting in opposition to the BBC and widening the voices represented on TV, showing clips of programmes and news events.

Following some delicious pies in the Old Wellington Inn we walked down to the Contact Theatre to see A play about crime and scrabble. )
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Tragically, I Was an Only Twin - Peter Cook
Unseen Academicals - Terry Pratchett
Dimsie Grows Up - Dorita Fairlie Bruce
Madame Bovary - Gustave Flaubert
Straw Without Bricks: I Visit Soviet Russia - EM Delafield
The Purposes of Love - Mary Renault
Chocolate and Cuckoo Clocks: The Essential Alan Coren - Alan Coren
Dimsie Goes Back - Dorita Fairlie Bruce
Shakespeare Wallah - Geoffrey Kendal
Books do Furnish a Room - Anthony Powell
Temporary Kings - Anthony Powell
Hearing Secret Harmonies - Anthony Powell
Dimsie Carries On - Dorita Fairlie Bruce
Dimsie Takes Charge - Dorita Fairlie Bruce
The Encircled Heart - Josephine Elder
The Saturdays - Elizabeth Enright
Anything Can Happen - Jane Shaw
Now and Then - William Corbett
The Trouble With Vanessa - Jean Ure

November Books. )
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Freemasons' Hall. )

Leisure Games, the Stephens Collection. )

Nation. )

Adam Hills. )

We watched Doctor Who on Sunday. OH GOD IT WAS EVERYTHING I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE, AND LESS. Roll on regeneration.

Punk Rock

Oct. 30th, 2009 10:34 am
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Last week Jen took me to see Surrogates. )

Last weekend I went to Manchester to see [ profile] notmarcie, [ profile] chiasmata and [ profile] irrtum. We went to the Royal Exchange to see Punk Rock. )

On Sunday I went with Jen to see Jon Richardson. He is from Lancaster, though he lives in the south, and this was his first proper show up here (other than uni gigs), and all his family were there. He was worried about saying "spunk" in front of them. He was supported by Matt Forde, who is very genial and I've liked various group shows I've seen him do, but I simply don't think he should do stand-up. It wasn't actively bad, just sort of dull, and he seemed quite lost without other people with him.

I am off to London. This includes the threat of outdoor swimming, the promise of museums and whatever else I can fit in before I come back on Wednesday.
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LUSU comedy. )

The Clink, Tower Bridge, Ripper walk. )

Matt Tiller. )

Simon Bird. )

It's Debateable, Ragged School Museum. )

Also recently I had two Nicola Marlow connections that I forgot to mention. In the Royal London Hospital there is an invitation to Nelson's funeral that she could have wrapped with her other Nelson things, and one of the songs in Cymbeline is Fear No More, though I think that Dr Herrick would scarcely have approved of the new setting.
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Royal London Hospital Museum. )

2 museums down, 199 to go! I had intended to get the tube back from Whitechapel, but it was so nice talking to [ profile] khalinche that we kept walking until we got to Mile End.

Comedians - lots of spoilers. )
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I watched an episode of Ruby and the Rockits because it keeps being advertised during Make It Or Break It, and they had a father-daughter dance. Is that something that actually happens in America?? It was INCREDIBLY creepy. It wasn't just a school dance where girls brought their fathers, but a dance where the girls took it in turns to dance soppy formal dances ONE AT A TIME with their fathers in a sort of spotlight while everyone else watched. It was not a good show.

Television I actually like. Neither spoilers nor insight. )

What else is going to be coming back? What's new that I don't know about especially in the US? What's oldish that I should find and see?
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What I saw in Edinburgh. )

Tomorrow I am going to see They Only Come Out at Night: Resurrection with [ profile] notmarcie, which I am very much looking forward to, though I think I may disgrace myself by getting too frightened.

May Books

Jun. 1st, 2009 01:54 pm
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Confessions of a Cineplex Heckler - Joe Queenan
Bullet at the Ballet - Caryl Brahms and S.J. Simon
Painting Water - Teresa Waugh
Which Lie Did I Tell? - William Goldman
Bad Science - Ben Goldacre
On the Road - Frank Skinner
The Cock-House at Fellsgarth - Talbot Baines Reed

Booooooks. )

This was a month unusually full of non-fiction for me. I am currently read the Mitford sisters' letters collection, so it looks like that might continue.
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A Good School - Richard Yates
Sit-down Comedy: Stand-ups Swap the Stage for the Page - Malcolm Hardee and John Fleming
Rearview Mirror - Caroline B Cooney
Sand Trap - Caroline B Cooney
Size Fourteen is Not Fat Either - Meg Cabot

February books, spoilers for most of them. Anger for one. )


Feb. 16th, 2009 06:40 pm
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I went to Leicester for the weekend with [ profile] chiasmata to see each other and some comedy festival things. I appeared to be on one of the few routes not subjected to a rail replacement bus service, which was nice, though one train was enlivened by forgetting my plastic fork and having to use my fingers to eat my pasta salad*, and then by a visit to the train lavatory where the strong smell turned out not to be emanating from the toilet itself, but from a pool of urine that had been collecting in a corner, until the train changed angle, at which point it began to lap at the bottom of my jeans, which was traumatic.

Katie met me in the station car park, though Leicester railway station turned out to be almost entirely surrounded by car parks, so this took longer than expected. The hotel was sweet, with information about having to run the sink tap on hot in order to make the shower work, and wallpaper on the back of the door, but not the walls. We saw Juliet Meyers, whom I liked mostly because she too did Women's Studies; half the comedians who were supposed to be at the Comedy Cafe because they were apparently accidentally in Oakham; Pappy's Fun Club; Isma Almas and Jaik Campbell, whom I did not like one bit.

I have been enjoying drawing people's interests. It is never too late to submit! I also did some work, mostly reading three chapters of a book about girlhood and then trying to copy up my notes, made more difficult by not being able to read my own handwriting. Tomorrow I will WRITE. Probably. Now I am trying to decide whether to have a bacon sandwich, roast chicken or a sausage and apple pie for my supper. The trouble is that they will all involve me getting off the sofa.

This weekend I will be in the house all alone, because Alice and Jen are going to Redemption. Usually I am the one who is away, or we are all away together. This will probably be the longest period of time I've been alone in the house for the last four years. I hope it doesn't go badly wrong.

* Worse yet, I later discovered that I hadn't forgotten it, merely put it in my pocket.
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I am pretending to write my (now six days overdue) conference paper, while watching Where's Elvis This Week on youtube. It is weird. It's a sort of panel show hosted by Jon Stewart, filmed in the US but as far as I can tell only aired in the UK. It only lasted for five episodes. This is probably because there is no desk, no clearly delineated rounds and worst of all no points. What were they thinking?

It's from the autumn of 1996, and Diana is alive, Fergie is on the front of newspapers, Tony Blair seems like a hopeful young chap, and there is derision at the idea that John Major could possibly have an affair. The whole point of the show is to talk about British/American cultural differences, and it's okay, but a bit dull and obvious. The guests are odd. Each episode had one woman (out of four guests), but for four of the five episodes the female guest was on the American side, so it was peculiar. The episode with the British woman was also the worst episode. But then the woman was Lowri Turner, who I'm sure is capable of bringing down any television show you care to name with an appearance. (I love the way the wikipedia article points out that it was surprising that Daily Mail readers picked up on her racism.)

The majority of the male guests were comedians, (Arthur Smith, Armando Iannucci, David Baddiel etc), while none of the women were. This really irks me. It happens a lot on The Panel as well. I do mostly like the women who are on that, but it's just really obvious that there's this weird split between women and comedians.

Last week's News Quiz, though, had Sandi in the chair of course, and then Sue Perkins and Carrie Quinlan! I think that's the first time I've ever heard that. Even before, when Simon Hoggart hosted, it was rare to get two women at the same time (I remember Sandi remarking on it when she was finally allowed to be on a team with Linda Smith), and three is very nice indeed. And it was good, as though it were a perfectly normal occurence and not a hideous feminism-gone-mad, what about the menz tragedy.
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My train was sufficiently delayed that I was unable to attend the recording that was the only reason I came doen to London in the first place. I am trying to buck myself up by being reasonable, and pointing out that I've seen Stewart Lee before, several times, and that in fact I've probably seen this specific material before because Scrambled Egg was a preview for it and I saw that twice, and in any case it's going to be televised, so it's not like I'm not going to see it. It's not helping.

Extended Wail. )

Those who, like me, miss tmwrnj hugely, can see a tmwrnj reunion gig on youtube, which is lovely. (I didn't get to see that either.)

I thought I would get here and see what theatre was on, but there's nothing I wanted to see. Bill Bailey was £40 and finished too late, and Stewart Francis was sold out. I'm going to find something to eat.

* We will overlook the Johnny Vegas connection for the moment.
** I have decided to embrace this.


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