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My train was sufficiently delayed that I was unable to attend the recording that was the only reason I came doen to London in the first place. I am trying to buck myself up by being reasonable, and pointing out that I've seen Stewart Lee before, several times, and that in fact I've probably seen this specific material before because Scrambled Egg was a preview for it and I saw that twice, and in any case it's going to be televised, so it's not like I'm not going to see it. It's not helping.

Extended Wail. )

Those who, like me, miss tmwrnj hugely, can see a tmwrnj reunion gig on youtube, which is lovely. (I didn't get to see that either.)

I thought I would get here and see what theatre was on, but there's nothing I wanted to see. Bill Bailey was £40 and finished too late, and Stewart Francis was sold out. I'm going to find something to eat.

* We will overlook the Johnny Vegas connection for the moment.
** I have decided to embrace this.


Dec. 10th, 2008 11:42 am
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The cervix is a lot rounder than I imagined. I was reading Belly Tales, and she linked to a blog where a woman took photos of her cervix every day through a cycle and posted them. Really cool.

I went to see Act Your Age recordings again with [ profile] humanfemale. One of the guests was Stan Boardman. Sample joke: "I took my wife out the other night. One punch." It was all quite hideous and racist and horrible. He wouldn't stop talking. It didn't get any better. On the train on the way home I read the Virgin magazine, and in an interview (so not even with his "ironic" persona), Jimmy Carr described Nadia Almada as "the she-male". I'm not going to tag this entry as comedy, it's not true.

But I did have some very nice fried chicken, so a trip not entirely composed of bigotry.

I have a lump on the back of my head. I don't know how it got there, and it's quite tender when I poke at it, which I do quite a bit. Hopefully eventually this week my room will be finished and I can move everything back. This morning I woke up to shadowy shapes in my curtained window and thumps on the roof. Then there was a pause, and a voice said "uh, looks like there's a problem here...". So let's just not think about that. I got invited to someone's house for roast dinner on Sunday. I am looking forward to the beef.
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Wednesday - theatre bad manners )

The Lover/The Collection )

The Unbelievable Truth recording )

Thursday - How to choreograph a sensitive cheerleading routine post 9/11 )

Snowbound )

Liberty is the freedom not to wear plastic coils on my clothing )

Friday: work, fun work, Jane Bond )

This weekend I lay around on the sofa watching snooker. This week I have far too much work to do.

* Poor Humph, I hope he is getting better.
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Michael McIntyre )

Booths )

Pirate cereal! I am quite seriously thinking about stocking up in case it vanishes again. Of course, since the films are over (dear god, don't let them do any more), it's bound to go away quite soon anyway, but while there're product cards in the plasticky bits on the shelves, there's hope.

Last night I was woken up twice - once by a young man right under my window at 4am, asking his friend very loudly if they were going back to his for a smoke (I did not catch the reply), and then about an hour later when my finger started throbbing after what looks like a small insect bite. Boo.

On Radio 4 this morning, the presenter pronounced "schedule" as "skedule", and immediately corrected himself and apologised with a slightly panicked air about him, and said "I had to do that because there'll be letters". Quite right.

Today I am teaching a workshop on essay writing skills. I don't actually possess essay writing skills, but I do have a Plan.

Tonight I am going to see I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue with [ profile] nerdcakes. Brilliant.

News Quiz!

Oct. 30th, 2006 10:00 pm
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After a train ride in which I tried my hardest to work and got through a chapter about something I understand very little of, but of which now have a dilligent set of notes, I walked across to Russell Square to meet Cee. On our way back to find coffee (a rare treat for us denizens of the backward North, I tell you) we were given two mini samples of deoderant. I don't think they were singling us out, but they were very useful in any case. I made the rookie mistake of hot chocolate and chocolate cake, but luckily Cee was able to balance it out. She has promised not to like Booker. I can't imagine it will be a difficult promise to keep, but then people are rather strange. Someone has commented to my JUMP! vid on youtube with the username SamaraBookerFan.

The News Quiz! )

All in all, it is one of the best things I've ever been to see, and just brilliant. You can still hear it until Saturday through listen again. I'm so grateful to [ profile] lsugaralmond for coming with me you can't imagine. She was also terribly kind and gave me not only a bed for the night, but Humphrey Lyttleton's autobiography, which is BRILLIANT. As is she. If I got to the News Quiz again, and I definitely want to, she is top of the list for companions. And I now know what time to queue from!


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