Apr. 11th, 2017

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I don't think I'm leaving livejournal, just backing things up and probably crossposting at dreamwidth. But one thing is that I havent' read dw properly in the past because there was too much duplication with my flist. So if you could fill in this poll that would be very helpful:

[Poll #2066181]

I will probably start off in the category of "both, but lj preferred", and see how that goes.

My plan is that I will take people off my flist here, and move them to my dreamwidth list, but people who are staying or mostly staying at lj I won't add to my reading list at dw. So no-one will be left out, and I'll have different things to read in each place, and won't worry about what to do with my journal yet. Probably enable comments at both places and see how that works out.
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Hello, I'm trying to sort out things between here and lj, so if you could possibly click through to the poll below and let me know where to find you/which platform you want me to read your journal on, that would be very helpful indeed.


ETA: Felinitykat points out that people who have already deleted their journals on lj won't be able to take part, so if you can comment here if you want me to read you here on dw, that will work too!


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