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Last night I dreamt that the Antarctica people had emailed me (in real life no news) and said that they would shortlist me on the proviso that I could show them some of my poetry that I'd apparently talked about in my application form. I tried to get away with giving them a short story I'd written when I was thirteen, but that wasn't recent enough.

Also last night I used hair removal cream on my bikini line (as I found some when I was going through a box to see what to pack and what to throw/donate and thought "ooh, I'll be doing some swimming when I'm back in Southampton, I could use this to get rid of what someone on Mumsnet amused me by calling "knicker spiders""), got slightly too enthusiastic and had to sleep with a hefty helping of savlon covering my anus as it was rather sore.
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I don't watch The Great British Bake Off, but I appreciate its existence greatly because it leads to pictures of Mel and Sue together. The front page of the Guardian website has a particularly lovely example.

I dreamed a dream in time gone by (two nights ago, to be precise) in which lots of weird things happen, but the thing that seemed most normal in the dream and most strange outside the dream is that I was attending a very very strict school with all sorts of rules to follow, and the one we were told was most important was that the tongues of our shoes must always be aligned properly and not bunched up inside.

I bought some trainers on ebay, and they arrived and are great. They are black with tiny pink hearts on the side, and inside those hearts are skull and crossbones. I am wearing them with my orthotic inserts and have no knee pain any more.

I got free tickets to see Bone and Rust last night, which is a French film with a character who trains killer whales, and took someone from work with me. Unfortunately, the screening was on Monday, so that worked out badly. We went to see Looper instead, and I only spent half of it worrying that she thought I'd deliberately inveigled her into coming with me under false pretences. I quite liked Looper, but I never got used to Joseph Gordon-Lovett's face.

I got a bit bored so I started doing lots of sort of projects, and now I'm doing none of them and just lying on the sofa feeling guilty, which is not an improvement on my previous state of lying on the sofa feeling guilty about other things.

I found a DVD of Class Cruise on ebay, and it's supposedly winging its way to me. I'm trying not to be too excited about it, because what if it's not true? It would sound great even if it didn't star a DeLuise BUT IT TOTALLY DOES! Michael DeLuise being a poor kid whose school is taking part in a rich kids' school study cruise for the first time. There's a tiny clip of it on youtube that I can't link to because I'm at work, which shows teens in bikinis getting thrown in a pool. Don't read the comments.
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I got stuck in another dress today. This time it was in Gap. The zip was down the back, and when I was taking it off it wedged a bit halfway down, and then the teeth underneath separated, trapping me. There were no assistants in the changing room, and although I pressed my button especially for assistance, no-one came. After about five minutes loitering I had to go onto the shop floor to the till and tell the assistant (and her queue) that I was stuck in a dress and needed help. She and her managed eventually freed me. I didn't buy the dress (though it was lovely).

I just got back from an Indian head massage taster. It was lovely. When I am massaged, especially at first, I get a very localised tingle at the top of my left buttock. It's not a bad feeling, but it is quite surprising. I think I may have more massages in the future. Work has therapy rooms that masseuses (and others) can rent, so I could do it in my lunchbreak. Or more sensibly, right after work, so I don't fall asleep in the afternoon.

My flat is lovely but rather cold. I am trying to get quotes for double glazing, so I know what to save up for. Although some places do interest free credit, which could be very helpful. Unfortunately, they either want me to ring them, or they want to ring me, neither of which I like very much.
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Hey Clare, looking forward to the bookswap?
Yes, hugely!

I understand you're in charge of food.
Yep, just went to Tesco, got bread, stuff to put in/on bread, some strawberries and other things. Oh, and I just made "snickerdoodles".

I think people know what snickerdoodles are, you don't have to quote it.
That's not why I quoted it.

Ah. Did they go wrong?
Very wrong.

Are you still going to take them to the bookswap?

Do you expect people to eat them?
God no.

And you're taking them because?
I feel bad that other bookswaps had awesome food and lots of homemade stuff, and I went to Tesco, and am too incompetent to make snickerdoodles. So I'm taking them to prove that I tried. And you know the worst thing?


What is the worst thing about it?
I still had to wash up the utensils I used to make the world's worst cookies. Normally at least you get a warm glow of satisfaction to temper the annoyance at having to clean.

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...oh. The cfp I was trying to write an article for's deadline was the 15th March, not April. Oh well. At least now I can just watch TV without feeling guilty for it.

See tag.

Mar. 28th, 2010 10:58 am
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Missed advertising hooks: if you accidentally spray natural deodorant in your mouth it tastes much better than the chemically stuff.

Yesterday I accidentally put my mooncup in sideways. It sort of popped out before I was ready for it. When I tried to push it round it went the wrong way so it was upside down. And then I couldn't get it out, because in addition to being upside down it was also caught on my cervix.I was very very calm about this, but just when I was deciding very very calmly that I would probably have to go to casualty, I managed to unhook it. Sore cervix, but no doctors.
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"Young person"'s railcard successfully renewed. I must remember to link it to my oyster card. I must find my oyster card - last time I was in London I had to buy an emergency spare. I think I dreamt that I found it the other night, either that or I did find it and now can't remember where. It would be useful to remember even if it was a dream, then I can at least check. Once I dreamt I found something in the pocket of a coat I don't even own, that was singularly disappointing.

Another thing I must remember to do is find my travel alarm clock. I bought it to go to on my African jaunt earlier this year, then couldn't work out how to set it and dismissed it as useless. I don't think it went off once when I wanted it to on holiday. When I unpacked I put it somewhere I can't remember, and now once a week or so (I think, the last time was this morning) it goes off at about 4am, for a short enough period that it jolts me awake, then once I've worked out what it is I try to locate the noise, then it stops and I go back to sleep. I must make a concerted effort to work out where it is before next week.

Things that are taking more time than I would like: my jobseeker's allowance claim ("oh, you'll not be hearing anything until at least the end of the week, I mean you only gave us the proof last week"); my transfer from my ISA to my current account; the payment of my expenses claim from December; the change of status on the FastStream site so that I can claim my train ticket and hotel room back. Because I have £30 left of my overdraft and it is annoying to know that I very much have the money (even excluding the dole the rest will clear my overdraft and leave me £300 in credit (though then I have to pay my writing up fees)) but cannot do anything with it. Lest you expend too much sympathy for me, all this really means in practical terms is that I have the added strain of having to remember the pin for my credit card, and at the absolute worst ask my parents to lend me some money until my transfer makes it, but STILL. HOW I SUFFER.

I went past a mirror earlier today and really liked how my face was looking. Also I am wearing She-Ra pants and raspberry pink socks. I sent off another revised chapter to my supervisors, and ANY MOMENT NOW I'm going to start work on the next. Two full chapters and a half-length conclusion left to revise and then I'll submit. My applications saying "will shortly complete" are starting to feel less of an outrageous lie.
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This morning when I was swimming I miscounted my backstrokes and smashed my head into the tiles. And the week is going to continue to be this horrible until about Thursday evening.

It would comfort me greatly to know that it is not in fact the case that everyone else is doing brilliantly, so if you would like to have a grump in the comments, that would be lovely. Sod positivity.
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I just got wotsit dust in a small cut on my back. Ow.
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Juding by most of the rest of lj, this is where I make an overwhelmingly condescending post about the US election.

I went to the dentist at 9am this morning. Unfortunately my appointment was yesterday.

I have to go to Preston for a meeting. This is much less enjoyable now I can't combine it with meeting up with [ profile] nerdcakes.

I looked up MANY celebrity birthdays yesterday and NOT ONE of them came up in the pub quiz. I was livid.
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since i got here i have driven my parents' car into the garage door and also swallowed my tongue stud. Not the ball, the whole thing.
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I went to see Edge of Love and really loved it. When I say it I mostly mean Keira. Though I did really like the relationship between the women. I finished watching Dead Like Me, Opinions. ) Now I am watching Psych, which is adorable. I also saw Lab Rats, which was excruciatingly bad.

However, it has not all been lying around watching things. I had to go to Glasgow for a few days to work, and while I was there I met up with several lovely people. First of all I met up with [ profile] coconutswirl for the first time, and had a lovely coffee and then a rather productive bookshop, where I got all sorts of things for not very much money, which is the best kind of bookshopping.

Then on Tuesday I met up with [ profile] majea and [ profile] yiskah and later [ profile] circumlocute for tapas and rather more drink than was wise. [ profile] yiskah was very kind and in addition to lending me money (I left my wallet in Edinburgh) then offered me a bed for the night, lent me clothes to wear the next day and made sure that I had cash for the underground and lunch the next day. There are better ways to show my gratitude than this. )
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Just how am I doing with my work recently?

Beginner: 9 seconds
Intermediate: 37 seconds
Expert: 143 seconds

(Expert is about 50 seconds off my previous personal best of around two years ago, which is when I last went through a mine-sweeping phase, but I am currently somewhat hindered by only using my laptop touchpad, which has developed a rather dodgy left-click. I feel that getting out my usb mouse would be a step too far, so it will probably have to stay at this unsatisfactory level for a while.)

I really don't understand why supporting statements don't write themselves.
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Today in French we were going over new vocabulary in the piece we'd just read, and the teacher was describing a word as "one who has to do with children, and interests themselves in them" and then when she said "yes, nursery nurse" to someone she queried my look of complete bafflement, which was because I'd slightly misunderstood something she'd said and completely thought she was describing a paedophile.

In fairness to me, we were reading about abused children, but even so I think perhaps that was not the impression I wanted to create. Although maybe now she'll remember my name after three weeks of calling me Carla.
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I was reading again as I usually do before the film starts, and I was tapped on the shoulder. Wheeling round somewhat dazed, I was confronted with not only my supervisor, but another rather scary person from the department. Erk. I tried to look intelligent, interesting and alert, but suspect that this is the kind of thing that's never really successful when you're trying it deliberately. Then we had to chat briefly, and it was that terribly awkward thing of not knowing if it was meant to continue until the film started, or if there would be a natural break, or should I just break off mid-sentence and resume reading. In the end I carried it on a little bit too long and had to return to my book rather flustered.

As they were right behind me, I was very consious of my behaviour. I don't think I'm generally a bad cinema-goer, but I was worried that I might develop awful tics and start waving my hands in the air, talking loudly to the person next to me or singing along. I managed to control myself, but drinking from my water bottle posed a problem, as I suddenly felt I should do it unobtrusively, and forgot how to drink properly and ended up slightly spraying water from the bottle top over myself and, I think, the person next to me. Only a little bit, but I fancy that the droplets caught the light of the projector in an almost magical manner.

Anyway, the film. )

Today I have mostly been watching Time Trumpet, which is just outstanding. Even if it didn't have Stewart Lee it would still be excellent, but the fact that he is there is very lovely indeed. He's just so him. I particularly like the Dragons' Den clips, though mstly I don't get them because I don't watch it. There was one bit where an entrepreneur told Rachel Elnaugh to stop talking because he was speaking to the men.

When not watching this, I locked myself out of the house with a large amount of shopping, with a large amount of meat that needed the frisge quite desperately. Since this was the middle of the day, I walked over to [ profile] alicamel's nursery to ask for her key. First though, I had to wait until the taxi driver drove off so he didn't know that I couldn't get in the front door. I don't know why this was important, but he frustrated me by sitting and fiddling with his meter, so I pretended that I had just that second received a scintillating text that required my instant and dedicated attention until he finally went. Then I put all my shopping in the shed (and I've just remembered I left the washing up liquid on a shelf), locked it so that no-one would steal my steal of a bargain of a pork joint, and walked off to find Alice. It was in a bit of Lancaster I had never been to before, which is very pretty. I found it thanks to a kind man's directions, and then realised that it probably wasn't a good idea to just stroll in, as they tend to discourage that sort of access in childcare. I was ostentatiously tentative, so that they would see I wasn't trying anything, and found someone in an office.
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Today was the first time I realised that when Lou Reed sings "when I watch you come", he might not mean "arrive".

I have only just remembered that I am on a course next week! A one week mornings-only course on Critical Discourse Analysis. I'm not taking it as assessed (...probably), so it should be just a nice introduction for me. Also, I will have to miss Friday as we're off to Manchester to see Paul Merton.

The jobcentre people rang me at 8.30am. This is earlier than I used to get up to go to work. I was not at my brightest, and answered at least one question incredibly stupidly. I have an appointment on Monday where I should find out whether or not I'm entitled to any benefit whatsoever.

I cleaned things and swept the floor and then I got over-enthusiastic and scraped all the debris off the bottom of the cooker. It was incredibly satisfying. It's best to let things build up and get really disgusting before attacking them, otherwishe you don't get the same euphoria. I also went to the laundrette, and while I was buying ant poison and a pepper from the shop to get the right change for the machine the lady asked if I was planning to poison someone. Just conversationally, she didn't seem at all perturbed by the thought. (I am not intending to poison anyone.) I have located a likely hole for an ants' nest and squirted foam down it and around the edges.

hignfy soon hurrah!
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I have skinned palms and a slight limp because the corridor back to my office was deserted so I decided to try a cartwheel, misjudged the angle and crashed into the wall. This has not remotely dented my belief that I am a gymnast manque. I was always better at round-offs anyway.

My last gymnastic injury was when I was waiting for a meeting and did a handstand against the wall, but apparently while my body is far ampler than it was when I last handstood, my arms are inexplicably no stronger in compensation, and so they gave way almost immediately and I crashed down, bearing that ampler weight on my head. It was a concrete floor. Ow.

The time beore that was when I was about 7 or 8, and watched some competition on TV. Then I decided I could very probably do a somersault in the air and dived head first off the dining chair I was standing on. At least there was a carpet involved in that one.

I am getting lots of emails about the strike action ballot and the nefarious nature of universities. It's very exciting. In a low-level, snippy email kind of way.
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I've never pretended to be a culinary genius, or indeed at all proficient in the kitchen. I like ready meals, and quite often I don't manage to cook those properly either. However, today I accidentally inhaled chicken flavoured powder from one of those sachets you put in supernoodles when I opened it with overmuch elan, a little bit too close to my nose. I didn't think I was quite that incompetent. Fortunately, it was the 15p knock-off instead of the 8p one, so it was slightly less gritty a mishap than might otherwise have been. Equally happily, the brand is still too cheap to have little dried flakes of fake vegetables, so there aren't dramatically rehydrated peas in my nostril. I am quite proud of the fact that, even in this terribly confusing moment, with the surprise of the pain and the humiliation of ineptitude creeping over me, I managed to turn my head away from the pan of noodles before I sneezed it out. Oh yeah. No naturally occurring substances in my lunch. The noodles tasted rather nice. Perhaps they felt more chickeny because of the chemicals welded to my cilia.

Also: this is my 1000th entry.


Jul. 24th, 2005 10:48 am
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1) Ow. Thank goodness for nurofen.

2) Sorry about the comments.

3) At least I managed to be sick entirely in the bin. Not looking forward to cleaning that up.
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I brought in the proofs of address I needed to send off to get my Amazon credit card, one bank statement and one council tax statement. Except that what I've actually got is my Court Summons for failure to pay council tax, which is hardly the sort of thing one wants to be sending to prospective creditors. Arse. Ooh, and I must ring to ask about payment for the next lot.


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